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Shine Is The App That Is More Valuable Than WhatsApp

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If you do a survey, and ask people what is that one app that is dearest to them, chances are it’ll be Whatsapp or any of the other social media apps. And that’s the problem with our generation. We are too obsessed with likes, followers and comments to truly live our lives! But don’t you think it’s time we paid attention to things that are more important than our school friend’s Italy vacation pictures, and our frenemy’s latest squeeze? How, you ask? Well, Shine – Daily Motivation is the app that might just change things for you.



Though, it was launched as a text service in 2016 by two black women — Marah Lidey, and her friend Naomi Hirabayashi, it has been available as an app on the Apple store only in the last 6 months. Imagine every morning, waking up to a text that boosts your confidence, drives you to be practical while putting a smile on your pretty face… that’s what this app does. It’s your best friend, right next to you all the time.

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It’ll send you quotes, backed by research with supporting articles that’ll make you believe in yourself, and just remind you of the little joys of life. It’s the remedy that you’ll go for the next time you’re feeling low. So, bye-bye ice cream! Okay, maybe you can have both.



The best part is that this app has reached around 2 million users in 189 countries, without any advertising. The power of word of mouth, recommendations, and just women wanting to lead happier lives has led to the popularity of Shine – Daily Motivation.

The founders are not psychologists. They were colleagues who were working together, and ended up motivating each other to do better, every day. They got inspired by their peers, who helped them develop it into a community. A small, kind idea that became a huge success. Spreading joy in the digital world with such a simple idea? Magic.



Apart from Shine Text, they also have Shine Audio that basically has voice clips that do the same thing. That, however, you get through a monthly subscription. And in this case, worth every penny.

Get ready to start Monday like it’s the weekend, to go to bed stress-free, to feel like every day is a new chance, and to wear a goofy smile on those gorgeous lips. See, I’m already a lot more positive.

Now go, download the app. Seriously.


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