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Sara Ali Khan’s Throwback Video Is Hilarious, Relatable And Every H*raami Friend Ever. We Love Her Goofy Side

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There’s a reason I don’t hang out on Facebook anymore. It’s because my entire family is on it and anything I put up, not even about me, invites comments from my chachi and doorke uncle who express concern about my health and mental health. And it’s kind of embarrassing. But there’s another reason I don’t hang out on Facebook is because that place keeps my history. And by that I don’t mean my browsing patterns (it will throw up a lot of recipes with Tasty) but also my pictures.

Yes, yes, tell me about how I should be proud of my journey so far and the long way I have come but please, I look absolutely hideous in them. Some are really unflattering, some are bad angles, and some just scream cringe. So, nope, I am not regurgitating old pictures. A problem that Sara Ali Khan doesn’t have.

Look, I like this woman…she’s such a goofball, even now. So the good thing is that becoming a celebrity hasn’t changed her. The amazing thing is, she’s okay to put out her goofball-ness (yes, I made up a word, sue me!) She recently put out a video which is literally every asshole friend ever. The video has her from when she was heavier but you can tell she was a bit of a monkey, even back then.

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Everything Sara does in the video, I have done.  Maybe that’s why I don’t have friends any more. Her friends are sleeping and except in movies, no one looks cute while doing that. Sara takes a video of them, adding some fun expressions as they snooze away. And it’s literally every haraami friend ever. If you’ve not taken a friend of your friends looking ugly as they catch up on their zzzs are you even friends? This is the kind of video you put up on a whatsapp group with several others so we can all laugh and then be assholes to them. Because a friendly roast is what we all live for.

Basically, we love goofy Sara is and we love how she’s every friend ever. And most of all, we like that she’s not trying to control her image of being perfect resolutely and allows that mask to slip away sometimes so we know she’s a real, breathing person. Because when you only see them on screen or in the gym, it can get confusing – they seem unreal. We are thrilled that Sara is keeping it real.

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