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Sameera Reddy Took To Instagram To Talk About Body Positivity And Acceptance. She Always Keeps It Real

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Through generations, women have been conditioned to believe that to be considered beautiful we must have a skinny body with just the right proportions, long hair and flawless skin. Basically, if we want to be appreciated for our looks, we must all look like Barbie dolls. These rigid beauty standards, that we are forced to mould ourselves into, have done us more harm than good. It’s caused most women to have body dysmorphia and severe insecurities. Who says flabs, belly rolls or even acne means you aren’t gorgeous? These things only mean you’re human. Beauty standards need to go out the window. Let’s replace it with body positivity and learning how to be comfortable in our own skin.

Body positivity isn’t a new concept. Over the last few years, celebrities and influencers have been relaying the message of self-love on social media. One of the most prominent people in this fight against beauty standards is actress Sameera Reddy. Her Instagram handle is dedicated to spreading body positivity and keeping it real. Unlike a lot of other celebrities, Sameera isn’t afraid to show herself without makeup. She proudly carries her flabs, white hair and everything else that we have been taught to conceal. I am constantly in awe of her.

Recently, talking to Instagram, Sameera posted a collage of four pictures. Each picture highlights various aspects of her body. What makes this post special is that all four of these pictures portray aspects that we are taught to be ashamed of. Stretch marks, flab, acne etc etc.


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Talking about body positivity and how it’s a mantra, in the caption, Sameera wrote, “Which part of your body makes you most uncomfortable? Is it stretch marks? Loose skin? Belly? Acne? Thinning hair? White hair? Cellulite? For me, it’s my back flab and arms. I work on acceptance every day. And it has taken me so long to embrace it. Your body is listening and every time you have a negative thought of how much you hate it, it’s only magnifying how bad you feel. The best exercise for #bodypositivity is to look at the parts that you feel insecure with and be kind to yourself. Every day like a mantra. #imperfectlyperfect”

Ah, wise words to live by. Body positivity is the need of the hour. We’ve spent too long hating our bodies. Now, we have to learn to embrace everything that society has told us is a flaw.

More power to Sameera!

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