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Sadhguru Said Rakshabandhan Is To Protect ‘The Feminine For Its Fragrance’. Everyone Smelt The Patriarchal BS Coming Off His Tweet

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Let me just say this in a way that it is clear—we live our lives in hypocrisy. So while I am writing here, arguing the feminist cause, I spent my Sunday tying a rakhi to my little bro for Rakshabandhan. Technically, a rakhi and the overall concept of Rakshabandhan is about protection, with nothing to do about gender. And yet, over time, patriarchy has worked tireless to attach gender to the idea of ‘Raksha’, despite scores of years of history telling us that women have protected kings and kingdoms too. Heard of Joan of Arc or Rani Laxmibai? We’ve finally reached a place where Rakshabandhan is something that defies gender, where sisters are tying rakhi to sisters, the gifting and the promise of raksha is mutual, and the rakhi design goes from a religious symbols to Pokémon and Avengers to words like ‘Gamer Bro’ and ‘Chill Bro’. And it’s all family fun for the ‘Gram. We’re changing the narrative on a custom that had become aggressively patriarchal and sexist over time. And then, enter people like Sadhguru.

*Sighs loudly.*

What did Sadhguru, who is like a BeerBiceps but for misogyny, say this time? Why, see for yourselves, his tweet where he explains that Rakshabandhan is a promise to protect the feminine because its fragrance is valuable. Erm, what?

Umm yeaaaah. No wonder, a lot of people on Twitter are curious what the man has been smoking and what that smells like. Hate the misogyny that his tweet reeks of. But Twitter really split from the toxicity of it all when it decided to mock the freaking fragrance out of this logic!

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But here’s the thing, okay. I would love to take Sadhguru’s interviews and tweets as a source of amusement—because they are so pretentious—if only there weren’t people out there who took this stuff seriously. For every “WTF is this?” there was a “Wow so beautiful” tweet from those who agree (and somehow comprehend????) what Sadhguru was trying to say. And that should make us very scared, because it indicates that anyone with enough clout can say something convoluted, and people would nod in agreement because it ‘sounds beautiful’, without understanding what it means.

But for now, I guess what Twitter would collectively like to say to this unnecessary Rakshabandhan tweet by Sadhguru is

That smells amazing.

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