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Reader’s Pick: 5 TV Shows You’ve Been Binge-Watching

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As you probably can tell, we are mighty excited about turning 1. And since it’s you, our readers, who have stood by us this past year, we’ve decided to make you our editors for the week! So every day, our readers will share with us a #HauteFavourite — from Instagram accounts to books! Your favourite picks, brought to you by you!
Binge-watching TV shows is almost everyone’s weakness. I mean, it’s always just one more episode, right? Until you realise that you have stumbled into Narnia and suddenly it’s 6am, where you have devoured 2 whole seasons. But the joy that comes with watching a TV show (new or reruns, both — we’re not judging) cannot be explained. So we asked our readers about the shows they absolutely love — you know, the kind that turns them into that couch potato their mothers constantly complain about. Is your fave show on the list?
scrubs_TV Show_Hauterfly



“‘I’m no superman indeed.’ This show’s wicked sense of humour and smartly scripted dialogues aren’t only intriguing, but are also super insightful. With such strong and hilarious characters, this show cannot be missed!”

— Mitali Shah, 22, Account Executive
Modern Family_Hauterfly

Courtesy: USA Network


“Reason why I totally LOVE Modern Family? Well, ‘When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life be all like WHHHAAATTTTT!!!’ Great dialogues, crazy humour — it’s a great show to unwind with!”

— Dhwani Gandhi, 22, Media Planner
Friends TV Show_Hauterfly



“A TV series that never ever gets old for me and one I can watch a gazillion times on any day is FRIENDS. I just adore Chandler. He’s such a sarcastic smarty pants, but so cute!”
— Madhavi Behl, 35, Corporate Communications Professional



“The last series that I binge watched was Scandal. I love the portrayal of a strong women who’s in command and isn’t just an arm candy for the men in the show. Olivia is flawed and an absolute badass.”
— Sanjana Samuel, 26, Senior Consultant

Courtesy: USA Network


“I like Harvey Specter’s character mainly because of his wit and, of course, his suits! I enjoy the legal plot twists each character plans ad executes. Also the comedy timing and one-liners are pretty epic.”

— Omkar Pradhan, 23, Lawyer

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