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Ram Gopal Varma’s Next Movie Is About Women Who “Become” Lesbians Because Of Bad Experiences With Men

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There was a time when LGBT characters in Bollywood movies were portrayed in the worst light. They were stereotyped, sidelined and used to supply comic relief. And considering cinema has a strong influence on the masses, this depiction did not help the plight of the LGBT community or their fight for equality. Honestly, I thought we were past all this. I was revelling in the fact that shows and movies now have LGBT characters with depth. But Ram Gopal Varma’s recent tweet about his new lesbian thriller movie, Dangerous, has just proven just how wrong I was. I have only seen the posters and read Ram Gopal Varma’s description but that’s more than enough for me to tell you that this movie is just one big stereotype.

Ram Gopal Varma is no stranger to controversies. From passing misogynistic comments to making a movie about the Priyanka Reddy rape case, his idiocracy knows no bounds. Recently, in a bid to describe the plot of his upcoming movie, Dangerous, RGV took to Twitter to say that it’s about two women who fell in love with each other after having bad experiences with men. Seriously, how thick-headed do you need to be to not see why this statement is problematic? Netizens schooled him and rightly so.

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In his tweet, Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “DANGEROUS is about 2 women who because of bad experiences with men, passionately fall in love with each other.”

Does he know how sexualities work? If he’s made a movie with two lesbian protagonists, it’s not unreasonable to expect him to know, is it? In fact, it’s common sense. Ram Gopal Varma has succeeded in reducing lesbians to women who have had bad experiences with men. His ignorance is sickening. You don’t get to be fed up one day with one gender and switch. If that was the case, trust me, there would not be any heterosexual women at all.

Ram Gopal Varma deserved all the backlash he received for this tweet. No one expects him to be woke, that is never going to happen. But the least he can do is not be disrespectful. Yes, we need more movies with LGBT protagonists. There is no doubt. But that doesn’t mean filmmakers make movies like Dangerous and propel the very myths and stereotypes we are all fighting to banish.

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