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Raksha Bandhan Is No Longer Just A Bro-Sis Thing. You Can Tie A Rakhi To Your Furry Pet Babies Too!

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Raksha Bandhan is a festival that signifies a promise a brother makes to his sister, to protect her for the rest of his life. And, okay, maybe this protection bit made sense when women didn’t have enough agency. But today, it’s not just women who tie rakhi to their brothers, but brothers who tie rakhi to their sisters too. And rakhi is no longer just about protection. And now, with the integration of pets into our families, the scope of this festival can be further broadened. Pets are like members of our family, they are the cute babies of the family. They are selfless creatures who protect the people they love and cherish. Don’t they deserve a rakhi for being so caring and amazing? Try saying no to this face!

Celebrate This Raksha Bandhan With Your Pets

The practice of tying rakhi to your pets is growing popular day by day and I think it’s a brilliant way to express your love. I mean, think about all the times you have to stop your dog from barking at someone new at your home. Look back at the times your cat kept on looking at the stranger in your house, ready to attack them.

These are just examples of how protective they are of you. Tying them a ‘rakhi’ is a symbol of a promise to protect. So wouldn’t it be right for our pets to be adorned with this? Don’t they deserve to be appreciated just for being their loving selves? On top of this, for single kids, pets are literally like their siblings. They grow up together and their furry babies provide them with emotional support and love in their times of need. 


Imagine your babies with an adorable rakhi around their cute little paws but, that isn’t the only reason you should celebrate today, with your babies.  You see, the whole idea is not just really adorable but also very essential. Pets, are more than animals who live with you, they are a part of your family.

Like any other relationship we have, our relationship with our pets is just as special and deserves just much regard and recognition, as any other relationship. After all, they put themselves in front of every risky situation, just to protect you. Don’t they? 

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How To Celebrate Rakhi With Your Pet Babies?

It’s time to celebrate this festival with joy and love, for real. Get your pet babies ready and groomed for the festival like you do, with yourself. Buy treats and toys for them that will delight them and get them an adorable outfit, just for this special day. You can also cook for them and make their favourite dish. Make the day all about them and make them feel special, they deserve it. 

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Now, coming to the main part, what should you do for the rakhi? I understand that tying them a synthetic rakhi with plastic or little rocks, crystals or beads on it sounds like the worst idea in the world. So, it is essential for your rakhi to be pet-friendly. Now, this might be tricky but you can make this rakhi yourself with flowers or by sticking eatable treats on a string. They can also be worn as tiaras because not all pets love something around their arms. 

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Yashika Arora, the founder of Paw Pettiserie, a bakery that makes pet-friendly rakhis using pet-safe ingredients, says, “Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bond. It also symbolizes a bond of love/protection. And dogs are considered to be lovely protectors in every household. So, we realised this is the perfect festival to show the love we have for our pets. That’s when we decided to come up with the idea of making rakhis for pets. But just a paw or bone rakhi wasn’t enough, we as a bakery had to make something that the pets will enjoy eating. That’s when we decided to combine these two ideas and made edible biscuit rakhis. People have been loving the idea of these biscuit rakhis. People are always amazed by this idea every year but they also love it.”

So, go hug your furry baby and let them know how much you love them. It’s time to celebrate this auspicious day with the furry baby that loves you the most. Let’s strengthen this already strong brand, huh?

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