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On International Cat Day, Here Are 9 Iconic Cats Of Cinema Who Are Nothing Less Than Purrfect!

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You know, there are many weird things that I have found on the internet and one of them was Middle Child Day, yes my dear gentle readers, the middle children are also worthy of some attention and love as well but no one is interested in celebrating this day, I guess. But I have one special day that will surely pique your interest and that is – International Cat Day. For the unversed, we celebrate International Cat Day on August 8 every year to remind ourselves about how the adorable furry species contribute to the betterment of the world and how having them as pets can lead to a positive effect on our health. Well, to celebrate this special occasion, we decided to make you happy by introducing you all to our favourite cats of cinema aka furry stars, including Garfield, Fat Louie, Tom, Crookshanks and many more.  So, let’s get the feline purrr…ty started!

On International Cat Day 2022, Here Are 9 Iconic Cats Of Cinema Who Are Nothing Less Than Purrfect!

1. Garfield From Garfield

Created by Jim Davis, Garfield is a lazy, fat, and cynical orange tabby cat. He loves eating delicious food, especially lasagna and taking naps. He also hates Mondays, fellow cat Nermal, diets, and exercise (he is my spirit animal, I guess). And one unique thing about Garfield is that he has his own special day – Garfield the Cat Day is celebrated on June 19. This ‘cat with an attitude’ is definitely living our dream life. 

2. Tom From Tom & Jerry

If you had a basic childhood, you might have watched this iconic cartoon titled Tom & Jerry which is filled with humour. Even though Jerry is our favourite, we can’t forget about adorable Tom who is a loyal pet and his rivalry with Jerry is the funniest thing that we all have experienced in our childhood.

3. Fat Louie From Princess Diaries

4. Snowbell From Stuart Little

Here comes our bundle of joy and troubles. When everyone was busy admiring Stuart Little, I was rolling on the floor laughing because of Snowbell’s antics. His love-hate with its ‘mouse owner’ Stuart was iconic and we loved that this loyal cat was always ready to help him but I have to admit that his friends are quite questionable.

5. Crookshanks From Harry Potter

Well, in my opinion, Crookshanks is the most underrated cat of cinema and I am here to change it. This feline is owned by Hermione Granger and is quite large for a cat. He appears to be a ginger cat with a squashed flat face,  bottle-brush tail and is part Kneazle. And that is why he is intelligent just like his owner and can easily identify any suspicious characters or creatures.


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6. Salem From Sabrina

The famous animal star, Salem Saberhagen is an American Shorthair cat who lives with Sabrina Spellman and her family in the fictional town of Greendale. She is a former human witch, who was sentenced by the Witch’s Council to spend 100 years as a cat, as punishment for trying to take over the world. We can’t even explain how much we love her witty comebacks, funny one-liners, and puns, she is too purrfect for this world, to be honest.

7. Cheshire Cat From Alice In Wonderland

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is another magical furry star on our list. The famous feline is often interpreted as a guiding spirit for Alice and its iconic mischievous grin is creepy but it is cute.

8. Goose From Captain Marvel


9. Binx From Hocus Pocus

This amazing feline, Thackery Binx, from Hocus Pocus is possibly everyone’s favorite human-turned-cat. And fans can’t wait to see this immortal black cat in Hocus Pocus 2. 


Happy International Cat Day to all our furry friends! And their lovely hoomans can give them an extra treat today.

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