Princess Sofia Of Sweden Stepped Down From Her Royal Duties To Become A Volunteer At A Hospital And Help In This Fight Against Covid-19

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We’ve always been told how there is unity in diversity, and to an extent, I believe in it. But if there is one circumstance in which I have seen people unite like never before, and not just on a national level, but on a global level, it is during the hour of an crisis, like the one we are facing now. It is as though, for that moment, everything else ceases to exist, all the other fights are forgotten  and people come together for one and another, to fight against a common cause. And it is for those brief moments, we are assured that humanity does still exist in this world. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a royal or a celebrity. As is the case with Princess Sofia of Sweden.

The 35-year-old Princess Sofia of Sweden has recently made a landmark move in supporting this cause for Covid – 19. She recently stepped down from her royal duties and crown for the moment to be at the forefront of this fight. Giving up the royal house, Princess Sofia has joined a hospital to start working towards treating patients who have contracted this virus, her gesture has left most of us as inspired as one could possibly be.

Having finished a three-day intensive online training program, that enables her to take up duties as a volunteer at any hospital, Princess Sofia’s gesture is not just inspiring us but also reminding us what the current need of the hour is. While we are cooped in our houses and doing our bit, here is one of the most unexpected person taking up a job and going to to help when it matters.

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As confirmed by The Royal Central, the Princess is working at the Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm in the position of a healthcare assistant. She might not be in the operation theaters, treating patients directly, but her job includes carrying out the non-medical tasks and offering help and at this time, it accounts for a lot.

“In the crisis we find ourselves in, the Princess wants to get involved and make a contribution as a voluntary worker to relieve the large workload of health care professionals,” said a spokesperson from The Royal central. And Princess Sofia’s effort in fighting off this situation of pandemic, where even though she may be only contributing by cleaning, working in the kitchen and disinfecting equipment, is proof that no work or no kind of help in this time goes to waste.

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