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This Louis Vuitton Airplane Shaped Bag Costs 28 Lakhs. Whoa!

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If someone had asked me a year ago if I liked to travel by flight, I would have probably said I hated it. I am terrified of flying and used to dodge any plans that involved me sitting in an airplane. Which is weird because now I miss it terribly. Even waiting at an airport for hours to board the flight, the anxiety and the turbulence, I miss it all. The last flight I took was a year ago to come home for a week, which I never left, because, lockdown. Does everyone feel the same way? Seems like luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton sure does. They came up with an airplane shaped bag for all those who have been missing out on travelling, and those who have saved up enough to get it because it costs you a pretty penny. 

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Louis Vuitton has been introducing some extravagantly crazy items with an even crazier price tag in the past year which is why this one barely surprises us. This LV keepall bag is from their Fall Winter 2021 collection modelled after an commercial airplane which has LV monogram imprinted on it, a shoulder strap and travel tag and two short hand-held straps. The bag is worth a whooping $39,000 which equals to INR 28,61,235. Yes that’s right! You’d have to shell out 28 lakh for this offbeat travel bag. Although I have saved some money from all those shelved plans all year, but I doubt I’d be spending that money on a bag that looks like an airplane that can’t even take me anywhere. I’ll pass. 

This isn’t the first time LV has dropped a bag that left us saying ‘huh’!? Although the airplane bag still looks cute (if you don’t look at the price tag, that is), the holey bag it launched a few months ago still makes us wonder. The tote bag had three large holes on the bag and was priced at INR 8 lakhs. A lot of other fashion brands have also passed off strange designs and odd accessories for a hefty price in the past one year. It was a year of bizarre fashion trends and launches and we have made peace with these ridiculously pricey luxury items. 

In a Vogue issue of January 2021, an article writes about the LV collection and the cool travel bag, “There’s lot to unpack, from the Louis Vuitton baggage—some of it in the shape of carrier bags, potato sacks, an LV ‘Keepall’ in the form of a plane—to the symbolic reconfigurations of masculine archetypes, to the challenging of ownership of sources that Abloh built into the clothes. ‘There are a lot of stories mixing cultures,’ he said.” All the LV loyalists, fashion-forward folks and travel enthusiasts can go for the airplane bag and take it to the next trip they take after the pandemic. 

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