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Louis Vuitton Releases Their Luxury Face Shield With Gold Studs And It Costs 70 Grand. What A Horrible Way To Take Advantage Of The Pandemic

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Most of us are still getting used to the idea that we might have to live this pandemic for a very long time. Sometimes, I feel like I might still be in denial about the whole thing. The truth is though, we have no idea when or how or even if this pandemic is going to end. Will we get a vaccine before herd immunity kicks in? There are just so many questions that no one has the answers to. But brands have decided like Louis Vuitton don’t want to wait to find out. The luxury brand has come out with a face shield.  We have been reduced to merely existing in fear now but hey, at least we can flaunt a cool face shield

Essentially, and without meaning to alarm you, let me say that masks, sanitizers, gloves, PPE kits and that overwhelming sense of fear is here to stay. This makes me wish we were in a movie so I could fast-forward all this magajmari. Anyway, the only thing left for us to do is adapt to the situation and maybe do it with a little style. 

You see, for months all fashion houses have been releasing fashionable versions of masks and better-smelling sanitizers. And considering the demand for these products has risen significantly, all the big brands want are rushing in. From Burberry to Victoria’s Secret, all the luxury brands are releasing their take on luxury protective gear.  The latest brand being Louis Vuitton who, just launched their face shield. The LV shield will be a part of their new 2021 Cruise Collection. It inspires a sense of style but it comes at a hefty price, literally. 

In a statement, the French fashion house said that this shield designed to be “both stylish and protective”. According to CNN, it transitions from clear to dark in sunlight, protecting wearers from the sun. It also has golden studs engraved with the brand name and an elastic, monogrammed headband. The visor can also be worn upward as a “classic peaked cap”. It will be sold online and at select Louis Vuitton stores starting on October 30. So wait, this is a Louis Vuitton face shield that can work as visor? I mean, I thought it would sound better, but nope.

All this for the affordable price of $961 (approximately Rs. 70,610). Yep, it’s a face shield that will burn a hole so huge in your pocket that you will be able to see your soul. Honestly, if I purchased that luxury face shield I would wear it everywhere and every day. I would make sure it lasts so long that I can pass it on to my grandchildren as a family heirloom as a souvenir from this horrid pandemic. Some of you will laugh because you’ll relate and some of you might shake your head at my gujju mindset but all of you’ll will agree that this takes OTT to a whole new level. 

Check out some of the hilarious reactions netizens had when they found out the price: 

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Okay, explain this to me. If I had Rs 70,000 lying around why would I spend it on a face shield that turns into a cap? Wouldn’t I rather treat myself to something a little more sustainable like a thousand pairs of shoes? Oh wait, maybe the gold in the LV shield serve as a forcefield against corona. Maybe the visor lights up if and when we come in contact with the virus. No? Then why is it so expensive? I know that LV products aren’t cheap, it’s a high-end fashion brand. I am not stupid. But this exorbitant price seems a tad ridiculous at a time when everyone is facing a financial crisis.  

I feel like it’s a horrible way to take advantage of the pandemic. People need protective gear, it’s become an essential commodity. Selling it for such a high price when they can just as easily make a little more affordable knowing that there is a dearth of masks and face shields just seems like they are trying very hard to cash in. Besides, everyone is neck-deep in a financial hole. Economies are crashing, countries are going into recession. Is this really the time to sell a Rs 70,000 face shield? But hey, at least it’s stylish.  

I am not sure whether to laugh or shake my head in disappointment.

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