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The Perfect Hairstyle According To Your Zodiac Sign

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As much as we love dressing up and doing our makeup, we also spend a huge amount of time making sure that our hair looks perfect. From classic updos to messy braids, we try tons of hairstyles, but often end up either leaving our hair loose, or just tying a simple ponytail.

Well, we just found you a solution: hairstyles for your zodiac sign. Try out these hairstyles; you can’t possibly go wrong with them!

1. Aries

Aries are considered to be good leaders. They like adventure and prefer to keep things exciting. A half bun updo is the perfect hairstyle to complement the independent personality of this zodiac sign.


Taurus women are happy-go-lucky personalities. They are more likely to stick to a signature hairstyle for years, and no one can rock the trending messy bun hairstyle like they can.


Known for their mood swings, this zodiac sign prefers to keep things subtle. They can effortlessly carry off the waterfall braid.

4. Cancer

Cancer women are highly imaginative and quite charming too. The best hairstyles for this zodiac sign is soft curls. They can carry off this look with zero effort and still look stunning as ever!

5. Leo

Leo women tend to have thick, big hair. They are confident and comfortable in their own skin. A more polished hairstyle like an inverted bob or space buns will suit this zodiac sign well.

6. Virgo

Intellectual, highly intuitive and total perfectionists, these are the qualities of a Virgo, which is why they like to keep their hair out of their face. Sleek buns and French braids are the hairstyles that go well with this zodiac sign.

7. Libra

Libra girls are all about elegance. Their charismatic personality is best portrayed with a side braid that looks just as sophisticated and classy as they are.


8. Scorpio

Scorpio women are goal-oriented, sexy, and mysterious all at the same time.  A Dutch braid is just the hairstyle they need to bring out their confident, strong personality.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius women prefer letting their hair down like a boss. Carefree and open to experimentation, they’d look best with a hairstyle that lets their hair loose, and highlights only the crown area with a braid or twistees!

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are steady and dependable. A high ponytail not only makes them look flattering, but totally ties in with their powerful and edgy personality.

11. Aquarius

A free and independent spirit, Aquarians are blessed with creativity. A  flowy braid or something equally creative such as a half bun hairstyle is the go-to for this zodiac sign.

12. Pisces

This romantic zodiac loves to embrace their natural hair, whether it’s straight, curly or wavy. However, feminine styles like soft curls and messy fishtail braids go best with their dreamy, go-with-the-flow personality.


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