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Women Are Beating Men At This New Viral TikTok Gravity Challenge. It Looks So Fun!

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There are two kinds of social media users and yes, I am generalizing. One, who are die-hard fans of TikTok. They make videos, participate in all the challenges and can spend all day just scrolling through and watching the content that’s featured. The second category consists of people who well, can’t stand the sight of TikTok videos because they are frankly insane and a waste of time. Okay, I’m sure you’ll have guessed which category I belong to. Now, having said that, even though I don’t partake in the ridiculousness, doesn’t mean I don’t watch a few videos and challenges that spark my interest. Like this gravity challenge that is doing the rounds of social media. Apparently, it’s proving the strength of women and that’s all the reason I need to love it!

This TikTok challenge is one of the good ones. At least it makes sense unlike so many that came before it. Men and women all around the world are participating to see who can hold a cat-like position longer. It seems like women are doing much, much better at this challenge compared to men who are falling flat on their faces. Literally, in most cases. Is it mean that I laughed?

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For this challenge on TikTok, a man and woman compete to see who can hold a crouching position longer. First, they must get down on all fours, then cradle their faces forming a ‘V’ shape with their palms and lastly put both their hands around their back and remain in that position as long as they can. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

While most women succeeded in holding the position, men just toppled over and fell. Some believe that women are so much better at this because they have a lower centre of gravity than men. While others think it’s because of the mass distribution in male and female bodies. Didn’t think TikTok was capable of putting out a challenge that involves actual logic and science.

This challenge does sound like a ton of fun.

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