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Netizens Are Now Trying Out The #PaperBagChallenge Where You Have To Wear A Paper Bag As A Dress. Am I The Only One Using It For Its Actual Purpose?

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Do you know what I love about this lockdown? It is really bringing out everyone’s creative sides. People are finding quirky and fun ways to keep their boats afloat and it’s really awesome. I am not a very social media person (a few of us still exist) but I can say one thing without a flicker of doubt- without Instagram and Twitter this lockdown would be like hell on earth. And yes, I am exaggerating for effect.

You see, people are have shifted from the conventional ways of putting their creativity to test and gotten onto a somewhat advanced level. And it’s all thanks to social media and the brains behind these challenges that have kept things extremely entertaining and exciting. Not that watching a bunch of people stuffing ice cubes up their vagina’s was not exciting, but today I am talking about challenges for sane people – ones they can actually take up.

Like this latest challenge that is all the rage right now. Out of all the challenges that have come around, I think I like this one the best because it involves two of my favourite things- shopping and not getting an ice burn down there. I am talking about the #PaperBagChallenge and the #Blanket Challenge (don’t judge the book by its cover).

The #PaperBagChallenge or #ShoppingBagChallenge is a variation of the #BlanketChallenge. In both these challenges, the participant has to dress in either a blanket or a shopping/paper bag. Fashionista’s all over social media are draping blankets around themselves to make them look like dresses. They are also wearing shopping bags of all luxury labels are dresses and skirts.

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Check out some of the pictures:

I don’t know whether I would want to wear my blanket though. I mean, it’s super comfy and all but I don’t think it fits me correctly. Though does it count when you wrap yourself in the blanket like a burrito right before you fall asleep? And I take up the #PaperBagChallenge, I will look like I am wearing a trash bag. So, I think I am going to just use them for their actual purpose which them to store things and keep me comfy at night. Although you have to applaud their outstanding creativity, imagination and the fact that they really are taking this time to be productive.

Are you going to try this out??

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