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Neha Dhupia Talks About Weight Gain And Insecurities And How She Was Worried About Losing Her Job. She’s So Real

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My thoughts are in a constant loop right now. I think about work, I think about what I will eat, get excited at the prospect of having something yummy and then resign myself to the fact that I will probably tank a whole bag of chips in front of the TV. This quarantine weight gain is a real thing. I mean, the burgeoning waistlines should give it away. Of course, there are people who are losing weight, but let’s not talk about that because we don’t need that kind of negativity in our life.

And the thing is, weight gain comes with a bunch of side effects. The jeans don’t sit well, there’s a muffin top, and people are gently starting to suggest exercise. Your mom starts to watch you with those weird, big eyes when you reach out for the 4th slice of pizza. And that’s just for us regular beings. Imagine constantly being on camera while your weight is fluctuating. Imagine the insecurities, how under confident you would feel. These are the same things that played on Neha Dhupia’s mind when she put on weight.

Neha Dhupia is the kind of woman that we all need in our life to tell us that we shouldn’t worry too much about what other’s think of us. And she’s championing body positivity and we love it.

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In her latest post, she talks about how we are never happy with our weight. That we probably had a bone to pick with the way we looked even when we were at what we think now, is our ideal weight. And it’s true. With the kind of unrelenting beauty standards we are constantly exposed to, we are bound to feel bad about our bodies at every weight and size. And that’s exactly what Neha said. In fact, she goes on to talk about putting on 23 kilos and how she worried that that would mean her losing the jobs she had at that point. Which is something we can’t relate to. Because while weight gain might be a health hazard for us, it certainly doesn’t mean lack of opportunities, a by product that people who are on camera have to worry about.

A woman’s body goes through many changes throughout her life – each not entirely kind to her. With photoshopped images dotting all magazines and flawless skin staring at us through billboards, we have to constantly remind ourselves that it’s not real. Nithya Menen talked about this recently when she said that everyone comments about her weight, but no one is actually concerned about her health. We need to grow up and stop being so judgemental. Stop saying negative things, of course to others, but mainly, you owe that to yourself.

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