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Neena Gupta Talks About How Women Tend To Overlook Their Own Choices When It Comes To Food. As Usual, She Hits The Nail On The Head

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What is the one thing you miss the most right now? For me, it would be going to restaurants and eating delicious but unhealthy food. I miss McDonald’s and Subway more than I would miss my boyfriend, if I had one. However, this lockdown has taught me that even though pizzas and burgers give my taste buds a feeling of satisfaction, they don’t hold a candle to my mother’s cooking. Is it cliche to say that there is nothing like maa ke haath ka khaana? Yup, probably is. 

Here’s the thing though, mother’s don’t get enough appreciation for all the amazing meals that whip up just for us. Yes, we give them a hug, a card and an Instagram post on mother’s day but is that really enough? Especially considering that they work around the clock to keep our taste buds satisfied? There have been so many times where my mother would not make the khichdi that she wants to eat but the pasta or aloo paratha that my dad and I want to eat. It’s astonishing how these small things don’t even cross our mind until someone brings it up. In this case, that someone is the adorable Neena Gupta. 

The Masaba Masaba actress took to Instagram to post a video about women and how their eating habits are overshadowed by everyone else’s preferences. And I don’t know about you but I am so sure your mother will be able to relate to her. 

In the video, she talks about how women generally tend to ignore their choices and cook food that their family want. 

She said, “Khana hum sabko pasand hai, duniya ke har insaan ko. Khana is so important. Par maine notice kiya ke hum auratein na…India mein toh mujhe aise hi pata hai…jo dusro ko pasand hai, bachhon ko, pati ko, mother-in-law ko, father-in-law ko, behen ko, bhai ko, hum wo banate hai aur phir sochte hai ‘chalo hum bhi yehi khaa lenge’. Apni pasand ka bahut kam banate hai.”  (We all like food, everyone in the world. Food is so important. But I have noticed that women…at least that is what I know of India..whatever food other family members like — kids, husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister, brother — we cook that and then think, ‘Let me have this only.’ Women rarely cook the food that they particularly like to eat). 

Neena further adds, “Maine socha main apni pasand ka khaana banaungi (I have decided to cook and eat what I like). I think we deserve to eat and cook what we like. Sometimes at least.” 

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I think this is something that every woman who cooks for her family or decides what they are going to eat goes through. She puts her preferences second and until now, no one has even questioned it. 

As usual, she is so on point. I really love how she raises these quirky domestic problems. And she is so relatable. Like the video, she made, for instance, about how she had to learn sign language because her husband was always on his phone. 

I think we have all learned a little something from this video. Today, I will eat khichdi.

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