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NCW Member Blames Badaun Rape Victim For Going To Temple Alone In The Evening, Takes It Back After Backlash.

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Okay, explain something to me. Why is it that every time a woman is raped in our country, the very first thing our politicians do is blame the woman? The only people responsible for a heinous and evil crime like rape are the people who do it. It’s not about a woman’s clothes, what time of day she’s out at, her walk, alcohol or the fact that she didn’t pray for God to save her when she was being raped. The only person that should be blamed is the monster doing it. Which is why an NCW member blaming the Badaun victim for the gangrape has us all riled up. This mentality is absolutely sickening.  

I am sure by now, you have read all about the Badaun incident. A 50-year-old woman was allegedly raped in a temple premise by a priest and two of his aids. The incident took place in a village in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. The woman had visited the temple on Sunday evening and that’s when the three men raped, thrashed and tortured her. Various reports say that the accused dropped her home late at night but she was profusely bleeding. The victim succumbed to her fatal injuries the same night. The investigations are ongoing, putting further into focus the rising rates of crime against women in Uttar Pradesh.

And while at this moment, we are all in a state of shock and horrified at the details of this gangrape, what is adding onto the horror is the tone-deaf comments made by National Commission for Women (NCW) member Chandramukhi Devi. According to her, not the priest and his two men but the victim is to blame for this horrid incident. She said that the rape might not have happened had the victim not been out alone in the evening. Here’s the thing, after all this time I expect male politicians to justify rape with such nonsensical BS but this hit very close to home. If this is what the NCW believes, it’s no wonder the women in India are in such a pitiful condition.

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 Chandramukhi Devi was sent to Badaun to visit the victim’s family. There, she told local reporters that she thinks the rape wouldn’t have happened if the victim would not have visited the temple in the evening. She said, “Even if she is under pressure from someone, a woman should keep track of time and should not venture out late. I wonder if the victim had not gone out alone in the evening, or gone with a family member, she could have been saved.” So, she is trying to say that because the woman went alone in the evening the priest was just absolutely forced to rape her? This prevalent mentality is disgusting. 

Somehow, the fact that the culprits are these three men who viciously attacked and raped this woman, did not fit into Chandramukhi Devi’s narrative. The victim was not raped because she ventured outside her house, alone, in the evening. The reason is that these three lecherous, monstrous men couldn’t keep it in their pants. They are to blame, not her. Why is this concept so difficult for politicians to understand? And shouldn’t it be easier for members of the NCW, the National Commission for WOMEN?

Twitter erupted in outrage over Chandramukhi Devi’s comments.

We don’t suppose she felt sorry about what she said, because there was no apology, but the NCW member did issue a clarification when there was backlash.

The bottom line is, as a member of the NCW, she should’ve known better than blame such a bone-chilling and heinous crime on the victim. This is already a pretty simple notion—blame the rapists, not the raped. We don’t understand how, in any way, you can mess this up if you really care for the cause of women’s safety, and have to issue clarifications later. In fact, if you’re someone with doubts or confusions on the matter, what are you even doing on the NCW?

NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma, India wants to know.

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