8 Things You Can Do For Your Mom On Mother’s Day And Every Other Day. Because Ek Din Se Kya Hoga?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I know most of you might have already begun your research on things you can do and get for your mothers. And trust me, that is the sweetest gesture ever. However, I can’t help wondering why can’t we do some (or most) of these things throughout the year? Why do we need to celebrate and appreciate our mothers only on one specific day? And so, I have made a list of ways you can express your love on Mother’s Day.

Check out 8 ways you can appreciate your mom on Mother’s Day and every other day:

1. Go out to dates

Why wait for Mother’s Day to go on a date with your mom? Every once in a while, take your mom to the movies, fancy or street style dinner, drives, etc. Trust me, moms don’t say it out but secretly they love going on dates with their bachas

2. Share a meal

We’re often so busy working or watching something on our screens that we forget to have meals with our mothers. And the only times we do share a meal with her is either on Mother’s Day or her birthday. So, let’s change that habit na? Let’s promise to share either breakfast, lunch, or dinner with her every day. And once you see the smile on her face when you do that, will make your heart full. 

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3. Cook for her

Every Mother’s Day, I cook a really fancy meal or something that she’s been craving. Over the years I’ve realised how much my mom enjoys my cooking and so, I started cooking more often. And let me tell you, the way her eyes light up when I’ve tried a new dish or made her favourite one – it’s all worth it. So, cook for as and when you get a chance.

4. Share chores

While we work in the office from 9-5, she’s working in the house (and outside) all day, every day. Taking some responsibilities off of her shoulders will not only relax her but will also give her the time and space to do things she loves and is unable to do so.

5. Engage in conversations

Most of the time we end up talking at our mothers instead of talking to them. This Mother’s Day let’s take a resolution to engage in more conversations with her and get to know her better. Because trust me, when you really think about it, you’ll realise you don’t know her all that well and at times what she has to say will surprise you as well as show you the right path.

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6. Take her shopping

If your mother is anything like my mom, then I’m sure she must have hardly ever come out and asked for you to buy something, rather she would have asked you to save that money for your future. That’s our moms, will spend all that they have and more for us but when it comes to spending on themselves – they’re a no show. And so, every time you go out shopping for yourself or cross a market and see something that catches your eye – buy it for her. Other times, take her out and ask her to buy what she likes which is for herself. 

7. Express gratitude

Saying ‘thank you’ is a way of showing that you don’t take your mother for granted. And so, this Mother’s Day take a resolution to say ‘thank you’ to her and express gratitude to her whenever you get the chance – because you and I both know she deserves that.

8. Make time

If there is one inexpensive yet expensive thing that you can gift her, then that is your time. I know we’re all very busy in our lives – but it is only fair to give time to someone who spends all of her time on you, isn’t it? PS It’s the best way of telling her how much you love her.

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