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Mother Throws Her 18-Day-Old Daughter Into The River After A Tiff With Father. How Can Someone Be So Cruel?

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I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve heard many people saying that fights and issues between a husband and wife always tend to have a negative effect on the child. And I have honestly believed that to be true. But even knowing and understanding that statement couldn’t have prepared me for this story. A new mother in Gujarat threw her own 18-day-old daughter into the river after she had a fight with the father of the girl. Like, seriously? How could she have done that to her own newborn daughter?

On Friday, a 39-year-old mother, Sahin Shaikh, threw her 18-day-old daughter in the Tapi river in Surat, Gujarat. Needless to say, the child did not survive and died. The newborn’s body was later recovered and the reports state that the woman threw her daughter after having a tiff with her husband, Haroon. 

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After the mother threw her baby in the river, she came up with a story that her daughter was kidnapped. To make the story more realistic, she even filed a false case with the Sachin GIDC police station. In fact, when the mother, Sahin Shaikh was questioned about the incident, she ended up changing her statement several times. But later on, she confessed to throwing her 18-day-old into the Tapi river. 

Reports even suggested that Sahin and Haroon would constantly fight over trivial matters and that day it was the same. The mother and father had a dispute and when she went to her parents for help to resolve the fight, they refused. This pushed her over the edge and she committed the crime. One of the police officers investigating the case said, “On Friday, Shaikh went to her parental home to complain against Haroon, but her parents refused to support her. Angry at not being supported, the woman then went to the bridge and flung the infant in the river.”

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The body of the daughter was found on Sunday and currently, they are completing some formalities after which a complaint will be filed against the mother. It really hurts me to know that an 18-day-old daughter was killed by her own mother over a fight with her husband. I mean, was killing her daughter worth it? 

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