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Milind Soman Posted A Picture Of Himself Running Nude On A Beach. He Is Being Appreciated, While Women Get Trolled

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I have had the biggest crush on Milind Soman since I watched the video for Made In India in college. Yes, I was a little late to that party but at least when I got around to it I could fully appreciate the masterpiece that it was. I mean, what other video features a leopard, an elephant, men doing yoga poses and someone as good looking as Milind Soman? It was epic! And today, as Milind Soman celebrates his 55th birthday, we can’t help but appreciate how well he has aged. However, what made our day was the picture he posted of himself running nude on the beach. It had me gushing! 

Celebrity birthdays are always very exciting. But, and I am saying this at the risk of sounding like a tabloid Page 6, this one might be a little too exciting. The thing is, while most of us have spent our birthday’s this year sitting in our rooms and watching Netflix shows while binge-eating Jim Jam biscuits, Milind had something else in mind. He went for a 12k beach run, completely nude. Not even underpants or well, shoes. 

He took to Twitter to share the picture that was clicked by his wife Ankita Komwar. He wrote, “Happy birthday to me. 55 and running!”. 

I am seriously hoping this goes better than the first time Milind Soman’s naked picture went viral. The photoshoot of his with former Miss India Madhu Sapre for a Tuff Shoes commercial in the 90s was one of the biggest controversies in Bollywood. There was case registered against him and everyone involved and it went on for 14 years! 

Milind is known as someone who stays extremely fit but this picture really knocked it out of the park. And as much as I appreciate all the sexiness in that one frame the feminist in me is clawing to come out. Tell me something, how is that when a man posts a picture like this on his birthday (wearing a birthday suit, literally) everyone is applauding and dropping starstruck emojis on his post but when a woman celebrity posts a picture of herself on her birthday (fully clothed), people call her old and brutally troll her? Why can’t we be appreciative of women as well? 

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The best example I can give you is of Maliaka Arora. A few weeks ago, she celebrated her 47th birthday. Celebrity paparazzi, Viral Bhayani posted a picture of her and her son while they were out celebrating and people took to its comment section to talk about how old and haggard. So my question is, what is with these double standards? Women are called out and trolled for being old while men are treated like wine. Why? 

However, this picture of Milind Soman really brightened my day, he really is the epitome of sexiness. I just wish women were given the appreciation as he is being given.

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