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Mexican Woman Stabs Husband For Cheating On Her After Failing To Recognize Herself In Old Photos Of Them. This Is Bizarre.

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I have always believed that cheating on someone is one of the worst things you can do. It not only breaks their heart and their trust but it opens up a whole can of insecurities that are incredibly difficult to shake off. However, sometimes, very rarely, things aren’t what they seem like. Like in this case. A woman stabbed her husband for cheating on her after seeing photos of him with a younger woman. The truth though was that she was failing to recognize her own younger self. Yikes. I have heard of psycho girlfriends and wives but this is madness, don’t you think? 

According to various reports, Leonora N from Cajeme, Sonora in Mexico, stabbed her husband Juan N after she found pictures of him and a younger woman on his phone. However, in reality, those were pictures of the couple from their dating days and Leonora got confused and completely failed to recognize herself. Do you think this is one of those things the couple will be able to laugh at someday? Because it’s pretty darn funny. 

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The victim, Juan, managed to snatch the knife away from his wife before she could do some serious damage. He then explained to her how those were their old photos from back when they were younger and slimmer. He convinced his wife that he had digitized those old photos for the sake of memories. Well, I’d say he paid a hefty price for his sweetness. 

However, by then, the police had already reached the scene as the neighbours called them after hearing screams and a heated argument. The woman has been detained by the authorities and is pending charges. 

This entire thing is so bizarre. Unless the woman underwent plastic surgery, I fail to see how she couldn’t recognize herself. I know I probably shouldn’t laugh at this but you have to agree, it’s hilarious.

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