Mental Health Awareness Month: 16 Questions To Ask Your Therapist Before Your First Appointment

Mental Health Awareness Month: 16 Questions To Ask Your Therapist Before Your First Appointment

Mental health is lesser talked about topic and we all know that people across the world have certain apprehensions when it comes to getting into therapy or going to a psychiatrist. But we all know that healing from mental health issues is no cakewalk and it requires one to be vulnerable and emotionally naked in front of a mental health expert. And this is exactly why it is important to know your psychiatrist or therapist before you seek out help from them. Moreover, the relationship between the psychiatrist and/or therapist and the patient is what determines the effectiveness of the treatment. This is why as a patient is it your right to interview your mental health expert before you take a call. So, we’ve put together a list of questions you can ask your mental health expert before you decide to open up to them and share things from your personal life to gauge their expertise and ethics in the practice.

Here Are Some Questions To Ask Your Therapist/Psychiatrist.

1. How long have you been practising?

2. What are the areas that are outside the scope of your practice?

3. What are your strengths and limitation?

4. Do you have your own mental health support or therapist?

5. What additional licenses and certifications and training do you have (if any)?

6. What is the process for ending a therapeutic relationship with a patient if things don’t work out?

7. Describe your ideal client/patient

8. How do you handle a situation where I disagree with your suggestion or guidance?

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9. What kind of homework do you assign to your patients?

10. How do you maintain your work/life balance?

11. What do you recommend I do if I ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable with you?

12. How do you set up counselling goals?

13. How do you handle countertransference and transference?

14. What is a typical session with you like? How long does each session last and what can I expect from each session?

15. How do you recommend I determine if the therapy and/or treatment is working or not?

16. Can I reach out to you in case of an emergency or after the sessions are over?

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Usually, we tend to make a therapeutic relationship seem like an unequal one where the mental health expert is believed to be in a position of authority on your mental health instead of being a co-creator of mental healing and wellness. And that’s probably why most of us tend to not ask our therapists or psychiatrists the right questions before seeking treatment from them but now amid the Mental Health Awareness Month 2022, let’s bring about a positive change and make therapeutic relationships just the way they should be. So, feel free to assess the competence of your mental healthcare provider without any hesitation.

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