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Meet Yedalapalli Adilaxmi, She Cooks And She Fixes Cars. She Handles A Spatula And A Spanner With Equal Ease

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I believe, that one of the best things about living in this time and age is witnessing it’s women. Not for their looks or their bodies, but for their strength, their unapologetic attitude of living life on their terms and their excellence in anything that they might want to pick up. Whether it’s a spatula in the kitchen, or a carjack in the garage, today’s woman is a perfect example of everything that the womenkind is capable of. And owning up to one such example is Yedalapalli Adilaxmi, who had made it to the headlines with her prowess- both in cooking and in helping her husband out in his automobile shop. She’s a woman mechanic, you’ve probably never seen one before.

Working as a counterpart to her husband in his automobile repair shop at Sujatha Nagar near Kothagudem, Yedalapalli is a 30 year old woman who is known for three things – her command in the kitchen, her skills in the garage and apparently her no-bullshitting behaviour when it comes to gender parity. From putting in just as much effort as her husband, she does everything from changing the tyres of 2-3 wheelers, cars, even big vehicles like trucks and carriers and doesn’t believing in shying away from work, or equality.

Starting to work with her husband so she could help sustain their family better, Yedalapalli shared, “I don’t know about all this stuff about women’s empowerment, but I just wanted to keep my family’s finances reasonably comfortable. That is when I decided to lend a helping hand to my husband Y Veerabhadram.”

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She went on to share how the two had gotten married 10 years ago, soon after which they moved to Sujatha Nagar in search of a better livelihood. After opening this garage up, on a mortgaged amount no less, the two tried their best to make the ends meet. She said that as her role as a mechanic she can, ““I now can handle the work like mending a punctured inner tube, greasing and fitting tyres into the vehicle rim and axle on my own, though it seemed tough initially. We serve the customers round the clock.”

Meanwhile, her husband doesn’t just acknowledge his wife’s effort and commitment, but also appreciates it as he commented, “I have no words to describe her contribution to the family’s well being. All I can say is that I am fortunate to have her as my wife.” He went on to share, “At first, people coming to our shop were a bit apprehensive at finding a woman handling the work (seeing her as a mechanic must surprise them), which normally men do. But after seeing her skills, they just watch her finishing the task.” And we are glad that women like her exist, to prove to the world that we’re here to smash the patriarchy and redefine gender roles.

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