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Man Out On Bail Rapes The Same Woman At Knife-Point, Friend Makes A Video. Why Are Rapists Out On Bail?

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There are people who are disgusting and then there are people who are worse than them. You’d think that after getting arrested and going to jail for raping a woman, a man would have the decency to change or at least reflect on what he has done, but nope that is not often the case. Just take a look at this man who raped a woman when she was minor two years ago and then went to jail for it. After getting out on bail, the man again raped the same woman when she was 19 years old. This and many more valid reasons I can give for such men to not get bail. 

In 2020, a man named Vivek Patel was arrested for raping a minor woman and then recently was released on bail in 2021. After that, now, he went ahead and allegedly raped the same woman, who is now 19 years old, while holding a knife to her. The incident took place in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

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The police investigating the case said that after the man was released on bail he allegedly raped the same woman and threatened her to withdraw the complaint she had filed against him two years ago. Two years ago, the woman had gone to the police and claimed that Vivek Patel and his friends were involved in the incident that had taken place a month ago.

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As per the reports, the woman had been raped by the same man two years ago when she was a minor. Asif Iqbal who is the police station in charge said, “According to the complainant, accused Vivek Patel, who had raped her earlier, committed the same crime along with his friend.” He said that she told the police that the man and his friend had forcibly entered her house and raped her while pointing a knife at her. She even said that they made a video of her and threatened to put it on social media if she doesn’t withdraw the previous complaint.

Following this, on Monday, the police filed a gang-rape case against the two and started a search operation to arrest both men.

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