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After Raping Her For 7 Years, Man Asks Woman To Abort Fetus By Watching YouTube Videos

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Ever wondered what it must be like to be cheated by the person you love? And no, I’m not talking about just affairs. I’m talking about when someone makes a false promise of marriage just to be physically intimate. More often than not, women are the ones that are roped into such relationships. In some cases, the woman figures out the lies behind those promises. But in other cases, women fail to see the lie and it usually ends with them in a difficult situation, sometimes with them feeling like they’ve got nowhere to go. Take the instance of this woman from Nagpur, Maharashtra, who was raped by her partner on the pretext of marriage for seven years. And when she got pregnant, he asked her to abort the fetus at home by watching YouTube videos. Is he for real?

Recently, a 25-year-old woman in Nagpur, Maharashtra was rushed to the hospital after she tried aborting her pregnancy by watching YouTube videos. In the process, things got way out of hand and she needed immediate medical attention.

Fl-15-year old pregnant rape suspected

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Once the woman was hospitalized, the man who impregnated her was booked by Nagpur police for rape and other offenses on Monday. According to one of the officials working the case, “While trying to carry out an abortion procedure on herself, the woman’s condition plummeted and she had to be rushed by her kin to a hospital. Khan has been arrested for rape.”

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As per reports, the incident took place in the Yashodhara Nagar area of Nagpur on Thursday. Revealing further details about the case, the official said, “The woman has told us one Shoeb Khan (30), on the pretext of marriage, was raping her since 2016. When she got pregnant, Khan asked her to get the fetus aborted by watching YouTube videos and getting medicines prescribed in them.”

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YouTube can teach one everything—from how to erase data from your phone to how to abort a fetus. And while most DIYs are fun and engaging, that doesn’t mean you DIY a medical procedure like aborting a fetus at home without any medical assistance or guidance. Is the woman to blame here though? Of course not! It disgusts me to know that the man raped her for seven years without a care and then asked her to abort a fetus by herself without even thinking about the consequences! What is wrong with this man? I, for one, am happy that he has been arrested and put behind bars. Here’s hoping the woman recovers and us given proper help, even counselling for all the abuse she has faced over the years.

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