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Malayasian Islamic Leader Azhar Idrus Declares Husbands Are Masters Of Wives’ Breastmilk. Kahan Se Aate Hai Yeh Log?

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In the past, we have heard shocking statements made by religious and political leaders from across the globe about women that are sexist and misogynistic. It is infuriating when men in power make such statements because people look up to them and their comments are often taken to be set in stone by their followers. Just as we were reeling from the horrible comments made by Mukesh Khanna in India, we were given a shocker by the Malaysian preacher-cum-celebrity Ustaz Azhar Idrus. Recently, he said that husbands had the right to their wives’ breastmilk under Islamic laws.

As per a report by Mashable, Ustaz Azhar Idrus has made these statements as a declaration and said that if a husband wanted to drink their wife’s breastmilk, they have the right to do so as the Islamic law allows them. He also said husbands were the ‘masters’ of their wives’ breastmilk and can do whatever they please with the milk which also means, they can drink it.

Idrus’ outrageous comments do not stop at this. The great man went on to say that if wives wanted to breastfeed another’s child, they would have to seek their husbands’ approval for the same. This isn’t it either. He also added that the wife is just the owner of the vessel (breast) of the milk, while the milk belongs to the husband only. Azhar Idrus also made comments on ‘virgins’ and said that women who were unmarried could not have breastmilk as they did not have masters and they need to get married first so that they can have a master so as to be able to have breastmilk.

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This man just openly went on to comment that women’s husbands are their masters and they need to seek their approval is quite disgusting and problematic. Such men who hold powerful positions and also take advantage of their influence should know what the effect their comments have.

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