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Kriti Sanon Shared How She Loses Track Of What Day It Is During The Lockdown And We Can So Relate

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It’s the 14th week of my self quarantine at home, I say this with a certain degree of confidence because for the sake of this article, I actually calculated how many weeks have gone by since I went to work. I have lost count of how hair ties I have misplaced or how many jars of Nutella I have emptied (just in the last week) and just in a few hours it will be time for my mid afternoon nap. Days have been going over on repeat, with little to no change in the routine and life in the new normal has been all but a little too repetitive. And while it may not have started out with me feeling so lost, it surely has its days when it has me feeling gloomy and with literally no energy to muster up fucks to give.

And by the looks of it, I may not be alone in feeling so disoriented at times, for claiming the same has been the Luka Chuppi actress Kriti Sanon who recently revealed how she too is now bored of staying home and cannot wait to go back to work again. Telling us how time for her is just going by with nothing new happening, Kriti shares how there are moments when she even loses count of what day or date it is. And to that, we can completely relate!

As our every day chores like waking up, cleaning the house, taking naps and cooking becoming our new time tellers for the day, it has been hard to keep a track of any other metrics other than eating or sleeping. The actress who is currently quarantining with her family, however did admit that she has been enjoying her time at home and even has a blast with her family.

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Kriti went on to talk about how even though it has been tough for people to stay locked in,  that she never misses to appreciate the silver lining of it all. She talked about how a city like Mumbai could be much calmer due to all of this and that one could see clear blue skies and hear birds chirping again, which is so amazing.

The actress misses the sets and her old ‘normal routine’, but seems kind of happy to spend time with her parents and younger sister Nupur Sanon. The two sisters are often seen indulging in making fun online videos with their families, in one of which her sister even gave her an impressive haircut. Guess we could all take a few tips from the Sanon Sisters!

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