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Janhvi Kapoor Says Her Family Has Started Depending On Her More During This Lockdown. We Can Relate

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Being a millennial isn’t easy but it’s especially hard being a millennial under lockdown. You see, we aren’t accustomed to spending this much time at home and having our parents watch our every move. But this lockdown has shown me that even if I didn’t know it, I missed spending time with my parents. I think this pandemic has really taught me not only some family values but actually helped me grow a lot. This lockdown has made strong familial relationships stronger and even mended the strained ones. It’s amazing how much good can come out of the worst circumstances.

Perhaps, this lockdown (minus the deadly virus) is exactly what we needed to finally catch our breath and spend some time with family. And that seems to be the case with Janhvi Kapoor as well.

Janhvi has kept us all entertained during this lockdown with her social media posts that show her and her sister Khushi Kapoor making the best of this time. However, in a recent interview, she spoke about how this lockdown has made her understand just how much her family actually depends on her, especially after the tragic death of her mother Sridevi.

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Though Janhvi doesn’t credit herself to be the “lady of the house” since she thinks she isn’t mature enough to assume that role, she revealed that her father and sister do depend on her a lot. Even more so since she has super busy for the last two years.

In the interview she said, I don’t think I have become the lady of the house because I’m very childish. But during this lockdown, I’m understanding how much people at home depend on me a lot more. Because I haven’t been home this much for the past 2 years. Now all of sudden I’m keeping track of what Papa is eating, or why Khushi is sleeping so long, and how they are going to get vegetables and if they are sanitizing everything properly or what the protocols are. I was thinking If I wasn’t here, I don’t know what would have been happening. I think they would have managed. I think the responsibility has just dawned on me that they do depend on me a bit.”

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I have never related to Janhvi as much as I do right now. It was a sudden change from being consumed with work and friends to taking up household responsibilities. Like Janhvi, aren’t we all suddenly aware of things like what vegetables are coming into the house and from where or on what days there needs to be a thorough sweeping done?

However, I have one question- why do the domestic responsibilities end up falling on the woman’s shoulders? Despite having a parent in her father, it just seems like they are dependent on her for a lot of the household duties. These are gender-roles playing up without us even realising it. Don’t get wrong, it’s great that Janhvi is helping out but domestic duties need to be shared.

On the work front, Janhvi’s much-awaited movie Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl was supposed to release on 24th April but has gotten postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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