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It’s Been One Year To The GoT Finale! Let’s Celebrate The Powerful Women In This Series

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The controversial Game of Thrones finale aired one whole year ago. Some fans were let down and some angry tweets were written, but all hearts were broken. After all, it was the last Game of Thrones episode ever. No more of the torturous wait between seasons, no more fan theories on Reddit that are comprehensive and well-thought out enough to be a thesis, and no more of the pure adrenaline of listening to the theme music before every episode. But our beloved Game of Thrones has created for itself a fan base bigger and more loyal than the army of White Walkers. We’re not about to let our favourite show die out just yet!

If there’s three things Game of Thrones is best known for to the outside world – it’s gore, sex, and badass women. After several generations of one dimensional female characters sitting still and looking pretty, and Bollywood continuing the tradition even now, the women of Westeros and other districts were a refreshing change. So on the first anniversary of the finale, let’s remember the girl bosses of Game of Thrones, and what they taught us.

Sansa Stark

This ill fated ‘damsel in distress’ has survived our worst nightmares all put together, and has come out stronger from each one of them. So we ask you, what does it take to be a strong woman? For too long, women characters written as sweet and traditionally feminine have been slammed with the label of ‘weak’. But Sansa is living proof that your strength doesn’t need to come from slitting throats in the battlefield. It can come from your mind and your heart.

Cersei Lannister

Brutal, fierce, and headstrong, we love to hate Cersei Lannister. The world sees her as someone who has constantly had power, but fails to see how hard she’s had to fight. She was underestimated by her father, despised by her husband, and lost all her children. But she turned every single weakness around and made it her weapon. She’s tired of ambitious women being discredited, and we’re here for it! Besides, if there’s anyone who can drink wine like true royalty, it’s Cersei. She’s literally a woman who lives by the words ‘revenge is a dish best served cold.’

Margaery Tyrell

We didn’t see much of Margaery, but she instantly became a fan favourite. She knew exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make sure it reaches the right ears. In a world dominated by men, Margaery knew she would have to manipulate her way into the race for the throne. You gotta do what you gotta do if you’re being treated like a man’s accessory. She basically invented the phrase “men ain’t shit”.

Arya Stark

Everyone was rooting for Arya right off the bat. She is the antithesis to Sansa, and both women are equally important. Her authenticity is what made her such a lovable character, even when she became a deadly assassin. At a time when femininity is sexualised and submissiveness is a prerequisite, it helps to look back at Arya’s character, who defied everything a woman must stand for and stayed true to her heart. A girl has other priorities, like avenging her family.

Daenerys Targaryen

with Daenerys, there’s a bit of a conflict in the fandom. You either love her or you hate her. But even if you never rooted for her victory and rejoiced when she finally died, you know she left us some valuable lessons. Daenerys knew what she deserved. She knew what was taken from her, and was unafraid to ask for it back even when the odds weren’t in her favour. She wasn’t about to let someone else define her worth.

We certainly miss our favourite girl bosses on screen! Today is a good day to rewatch an episode. Or two. Or an entire season.

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