Instagram’s New Update Lets You Share Posts In Stories

Instagram’s New Update Lets You Share Posts In Stories

I am obsessed with Instagram Stories. Refreshing, and very timely. Not because I stalk people and want to know what they’re doing or anything.  Generally speaking. stories are so much more dynamic and informational. And they are getting a whole lot more interesting. Instagram announced a new feature, and you’re going to be using endlessly.


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You can now directly share Instagram feed posts on stories, instead of taking screenshots and ruining your gallery. To access this feature, you’ll need to click on the ‘airplane’ icon, and you’ll find the command to share. The post gets shared on your stories as a sticker. That’s amazing! We know!

Posts can only be shared if the account is public. If you don’t want your posts to be shared, you can control that by going to settings, and opting out of it.

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Shamlessly promoting your talented friends or advertising the brands you like, just became a whole lot easier. But this only means that people are going to be using stories more than native feeds. This is a huge plus point for brands, and if used effectively, it can really boost their Instagram content strategy.

Go update the app, while I go, and stalk a few peeps!

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