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Indian Navy Gets Its First Woman Pilot Ever And Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Sub Lt. Shivangi Singh

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This is a particularly happy day for all women across the nation as we finally have a representative keeping vigil over our seas from the sky. This week, Indian history will be made as Sub Lieutenant Shivangi Singh will become the first woman to become a pilot for the Indian Navy. Isn’t that so exciting? I can practically hear the glass-ceiling breaking! I was personally rejoiced to hear this news since I have long wondered why the Indian Armed forces are such a testosterone-fuelled environment. Now, crushing all stereotypes and earning her wings, Lt Shivangi will be the first woman ever to steer a naval aircraft. We are way beyond proud right now!

The 24-year-old naval officer will begin operations in Kochi on 2nd December, just two days ahead of Navy Day. In an interview with Deccan Herald commenting on her achievement, Lt Shivangi said, “It’s difficult to express how I feel at the moment. While it’s a dream come true, it’s also a great responsibility as we are representing what so many women want to do but can’t.”

Of course, representing so many women in a country that has treated us women as the weaker sex is not easy. But that is why I feel like we should celebrate her. She is doing what no woman has done before and it goes without saying her journey could not have been easy. Let’s take a look at everything we know about the young officer.

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  1.  She comes from a civilian background. Her father is the principal of a government school and her mother is a homemaker. She says that her parents were always supportive of her dreams even though she is the only person in her family to do even step out of the straitjacket and aim fro the sky.
  2. Her dream to fly was sparked when she was just 10-years old. She once saw a chopper land near her house and as soon as realized someone was steering it, she knew exactly what she wanted do. I think this proves, dreams do come true!
  3. Lt Shivangi was inducted into the Indian Navy as an SSC (pilot) as part of the NOC (Naval orientation course) in the Indian Naval Academy in Ezhimala.
  4. The naval officer grew up in Muzzafarpur, Bihar. She completed her schooling at DAV public school there. She then went on to graduate in mechanical engineering from the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.
  5. While in college, a Naval presentation stoked her latent dream to fly. She cleared the Service Selection Board but did not get a call since there a very few vacancies. A few months later, she attended another SSB in Bangalore and this time she was in.
  6. Lt Shivangi has logged in some 100 flying hours with over 60 hours on the Dornier an airliner used by the Indian navy. She learned how to fly at the Air Force Academy and then spent 6-months at the Kochi-based Indian Naval Air Squadron 550 where she got the hang of the Dornier airliner.

By the end of the year, two more women will be commenced into the Indian Navy as pilots. Sub lt. Shubangi and Sub lt. Divya will also get their wings at the Yelahanka Air force Station. They will then join Lt Shivangi at the Dornier Operational Flight Training.

This gives a whole new twist to women soaring through the sky. You have to agree though, this a truly proud moment for us. Let’s just hope, we keep making progress like this in leaps and bounds!

Congratulations Lt. Shivangi!

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