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In Mysuru, A 73-Year-Old Woman Put Out An Ad Looking For A Companion And She Found One!

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Every time my mother and I talk about marriage, it’s like we are talking two different languages. She has a rather “traditional” perspective. I, on the other hand, am under the impression that it’s more of a partnership than me catering to my husband’s needs. There are so many baseless societal norms. From frowning upon inter-caste marriages to having to get married at a certain age, our society clearly isn’t understanding the concept of to each its own. At the end of the day it’s about all companionship and love, is it not? Then why is the age limit there? Why can’t a middle or old aged divorcee or widow remarry without having to worry about how society will view her decision? It’s ridiculous. Just recently, a 73-year-old woman from Mysuru put an ad in the newspaper looking for a suitable groom for herself. Her reason? She didn’t want to spend her life all alone. We love everything about this!

The woman, who is a retired teacher, put a matrimonial ad in a local newspaper looking for a suitable husband. She did not want to live alone and was looking for a companion who wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Isn’t this just so adorable? How can anyone have an issue with this? The best part is that she did get a response from a 69-year-old man who is a retired engineer.

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According to reports, The matrimonial ad stated that the woman is looking for a man who is healthy and preferably older than her. It also said that he should be a Brahmin and from her community. The woman explained that her first marriage ended in a bitter divorce. It was extremely painful for her and she has been single all these years. And now, after losing her parents as well, she doesn’t want to be lonely anymore. She added that she now fears walking home all alone from the bus stop and spending her life alone. Hence, she is now looking for someone to spend her sunset years with.

This is utterly adorable. Age has nothing to do with wanting a companion. It’s very stereotypical to think that people should get married young. We hope that this woman finds the man she is looking for!

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