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In Kerala, This Girl Went Missing 11 Years Ago. She Was Found Living In Her Boyfriend’s House Just Next Door To Her Parents

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A few years ago, I was dating someone my family did not approve of. They were so against him that I had to sneak out most nights and even change his name on my phone. It got extremely messy. Agreed, in the end, they were right about him and I had been blinded by my infatuation all along. But a question always haunted me. If it had worked out, would I be able to leave my family and elope? I pondered over this for a long time before deciding that I could never do that to my parents or to myself. All the hiding, the lying, the sneaking around gets old very quickly. All this came back to me today when I read about this girl from Kerala who eloped from her house 11 years ago and lived in secret with her boyfriend just next door to her parents. Be warned. This isn’t your usual Romeo-Juliet love story. Some aspects of this case are bizarre and unfathomable.

18-year-old Sajitha went missing 11-years ago from Ayalur village in Palakkad. Recently, she was found living merely 500 meters away from her parent’s home. For the last decade, Sajitha lived in a room at her boyfriend’s house without his parents finding out. They were reportedly unaware that Sajitha has been living in their house for the last 11 years. I can’t wrap my head around this.

All this came to light when Alinchuvattil Rahman, the man Sajitha left her home to be with, went missing three months ago. His family filed a missing person’s report. On Tuesday, though, Rahman’s brother Basheer spotted him and followed. The trail led Basheer straight to Sajitha and Rahman. They were living on rent in another village.

During the investigation into this couple’s bizarre love story, it was found that they chose this route since Sajitha and Rahman are from different religions and their respective families would never agree. A police officer said, “Their story sounds unusual, but we took the couple to Rahman’s house and they told us how Sajitha had lived secretly in a single room for all these years.”

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Reportedly, Sajitha left home one night in February 2010 and just walked into Rahman’s house next door. The police looked everywhere but couldn’t find her. No one knew about her affair with Rahman and hence no one thought to search the neighbour’s house. Basheer said that Rahman had a separate room that he kept locked. Basheer said, “Sometimes he behaved like a mentally deranged person, would turn violent if someone tried to get into his room. He would even take his food in to eat… During the day, as everyone was at work, Rahman and Sajitha would have the house to themselves.”

In that small room, Sajitha would keep herself entertained by watching TV using earphones. Although three months ago something changed. After 11 years of staying in that small room, Sajitha left the house. The very same day, Rahman had an argument with his family and stomped out as well. That’s when they started living together in another village.

The police produced the couple before a court. Rahman explained that the couple were terrified that their families would not agree. Hence, 11-years-ago they mutually decided that Sajitha would stay with Rahman locked in that room. The court has allowed the couple to live together after Sajitha expressed her wish to live with Rahman and we imagine, she confirmed that she was not missing.

Here’s one thing I don’t understand. How is being locked up for 11 years the best possible solution to any problem? Well, unless you’re a criminal going to prison. But that’s clearly not the case here. Just thinking about living in a small room for that long is making my claustrophobia and anxiety jump up and down. Anyway, we are glad it all worked out for them. All’s well that ends well, right?

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