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In Assam, A Group Of Seven 10th Grade Boys Rape And Murder A 12-Year-Old Girl. The Criminal Is Getting Younger And It’s Scary

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I sit at my desk for eight hours a day, doing what I do. Usually, I thoroughly enjoy my work and take great pride in it but every now and then I come across a story that even I find incredibly hard to put into words. Those are the stories that make my brain shut off and make my heart feel like it weighs a tonne. It is these kinds of stories that leave you feeling blue and at a loss of words for the entire day. And this story is exactly like that, so brace yourselves. This one is about the latest rape case that has come to light and it is ugly.

This case is practically unbelievable or maybe I just don’t want to believe it. You know, I read about a lot of grim and sad stories on a daily basis, but this one takes the cake. On Friday, a group of 10th-grade boys from Biswanath district, Assam raped and killed a 12-year-old girl and then hung her body from a tree in a forest near the house.

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Do you see why I don’t want to accept this piece of news? These boys could not be older than 15 or 16 and they not only raped but also murdered her. The seven underage boys had just finished writing their board exams. They called the girl over to a house in Chakla village on the pretext of organising a party and raped her.

The team of police officers who are investigating this crime said that the relatives of the girl filed a missing complaint. When the police searched for her, they found her body hanging from a tree. Though all seven of them have been arrested on Sunday, they were on the run.

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This incident forces us to look at a few fundamental questions about what we are teaching our young boys. Where did they get the idea to rape and murder a girl and then hang her body from a tree to stage it like a suicide? Also, can someone please explain to me what is going on in our country? This is the third rape that is reported in the last three weeks and I am starting to get very scared. I am not sure whether more girls and women are getting raped or thanks to all the dialogue about it, more cases are being registered.

Though whatever may be the reason, I think it is high time we teach all the young boys across the country how to treat women and why assaulting a woman- sexually or physically is beyond wrong.

Let’s teach the boys instead of curbing the girls.

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