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Hungry Bride Says She Hasn’t Even Had Chai Since Morning. Her Viral Rant Is So Relatable And Honest

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Weddings are memorable but also quite a struggle for the bride and the groom—especially the bride. Getting all decked up in such a heavy lehenga, having several kilos of makeup on your face and product in your hair. But even if you are able to pull that off, my main concern is that if I ever have to stand on a stage and be forced to meet so many people, all my pictures will have me frowning. Or smiling in an evidently fake way. Some may suspect I was forced to get married. And doing all this, while you’re hungry? What is this punishment? It’s her wedding! Imagine, people vanishing to get their food. You can even see the starters being circulated, maybe some people enjoying a drink or two. And there you are starving, being forced to smile and needing a drink but feeling afraid people will say bride bevdi nikli.

Amidst all the chaos before the wedding, the bride barely gets any time to eat. And many voluntarily don’t because they don’t want their stomachs to get bloated. In fact, many brides try to lose weight before the wedding and it’s basically just them starving for months leading to the big day. If someone says they are not smiling for the camera and thinking about the delicious Dal Makhni and Rasmalai they will have afterwards, they are lying.

Recently, a bride went viral for her very relatable rant about how hungry she is and how she will just hog once she gets the opportunity. The video was recorded while she was getting ready for the wedding. Looking almost done, she said she didn’t even have a cup of chai since morning. She explained how she had to diet, missed out on eating her favourite foods, and then had to fast a day before. And now she has been so busy, she had no breakfast!

Of course, at the wedding, she may not get much to eat, until the end when the couple and the families have their gala dinner. And she explained in the video how she is dreaming of it already. The bride said she will have all her favourite dishes first!

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Netizens could relate and many worried about their own upcoming wedding. “She is still happy without food. Idk what will happen on my D-Day, god save me,” a user wrote. Another user added, “This is definitely gonna be me.”

It amazes me though—how do brides look so lit and pretty even when dying of hunger? She made one hell of a gorgeous bride and I hope she got all the dishes she was craving for.

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