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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be doing some exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Aries_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


Your superpower: an unwavering strength in the unknown. There’s nothing exciting about treading in familiar territories. You may not know what tomorrow brings, but you’re ready to give it a chance. Surrender your fear to the higher powers, Aries! The experiences coming your way will change everything you know about yourself and the world. Oh, and the people you will meet along the way!


Taurus_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18_Hauterfly


Let your guard down, Taurus. Allow yourself to express your truth. Sometimes the fear of losing of the other holds us back. When love is true, there is no space for fear. Showing your vulnerable side only strengthens the bond. In the end, it is the things we do not say that continue to haunt us.


Gemini_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


Guilty of holding onto to things that have reached their expiration point? Trust the Universe to intervene. Change can be extremely unsettling, especially if it catches us off guard. Knowing that it is all a part of the cleansing process will give you the strength you need to go on. On your part, focus on closure. Say all that is unsaid. Avoiding confrontation comes with a cost.


Cancer_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


You pride yourself on a neatly established structure. As luck would have it, things around you take place at a maddening pace. ‘Going with the flow’ ain’t gonna cut it! Get ready to hit the accelerator button. The challenge: letting go of the methodology in favour of the madness. More is less, Cancer. P.S. To keep your Zen intact, ensure you practice mindfulness.


Leo_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


Three things, Leo: hard work, patience, and a commitment to your craft. Give all you have to the cause and the Universe will respond manifold. Remember that no matter where we are in our lives, there’s always scope to learn and grow. Is there a skill you’re looking to acquire or sharpen? Spend time with your mentor. Connect with experts. Remember everybody we meet along the way knows something we don’t.


Virgo_Weekly horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


Coming up soon: relationship landmarks. Been together since time immemorial? It’s time to broach the subject of commitment, baby! Chances are, you and your partner are on the same page, as far as your future is concerned. Been coupled for only six months, but believe this is *the* relationship for you? Looks like your soulmate wants to go one knee too. If you’re too coy to make the first move, give him the green the flag. There’s a happily ever after waiting to be written here.


Libra_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


#GirlBoss mode on. What’s your message to the world? There’s no playing it down for you this week. You’re all fired up and ready to go after what you believe in. The courage to keep going, despite all odds, makes you a real powerhouse. Expect to make a big breakthrough in the career department. Plus, the success and recognition you deserve.


Scorpio_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


World, watch out! There’s a crazy Scorpio in the house. Your superpower this week: knowing what you want + unbridled passion to go after it. You’re exuding too much alpha to know what complacency stands. Keep the eyes on the prize as you move forward. The challenges — both inner and outer — will seem miniscule in comparison.


Sagittarius_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


Make faith your superpower. Faith in the existence that’s keeping you from falling apart. What is a prayer? Anything you want it to be. Take a few moments every day to commune with the higher powers. Talk about your hopes and fears — like you would with a friend. Know that in some miraculous way, they will heal that broken heart. Nobody has power over you but you.


Capricorn_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


Ah, disappointment! With a side of melancholy and hopelessness. It’s a downward spiral, Capricorn. But the good news is you can change your frequency any time you want to — and with that, the reality of your outer world. So, what will you make space for? Choose, hope, faith, peace, and love.


Aquarius_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18 2017_Hauterfly


Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Step #1: Set goals. Step #2: Adjust plan of action accordingly. If you want to give yourself the life you’ve always desired, make a commitment to your growth. Prioritise hard work over everything else. With financial security as a motivator, switch from expenditure to ‘savings mode’. Trust that you will get the returns you deserve.


Pisces_Weekly Horoscope_June 12-18_Hauterfly


Don’t like where your career is headed? Then have the courage to realign yourself with your goals. Or set new ones. Know that it’s never too late to change the course. So, apply, apply, apply. Talk to the ‘right people’. They can help open doors you didn’t know existed. Know that the perfect job is out there. It comes down to grabbing the opportunity you are being presented with.


A gypsy fortune teller at heart, Karishma -- aka Zohra Shanti -- believes that Tarot is the secret language that helps us realise our own power and potential. She currently lives, loves, and works as a writer in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about fashion, art, design, travel, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

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