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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week brings up a shift in energy and focus from the work space to the home front. Think about the space in which you unwind, your bedroom or even the bath… put together a pinterest board for how your ideal space would look. In general the vibe of this week is curling up in bed with a book or doing a family-movie-marathon with popcorn and pajamas. And wine of course, lots of wine!


Starting off on a rocky note, this week compels you to shift the energy inward. Detaching yourself from the outside world, the social media love affairs and whatnot, spend some time in analysing the foundation of your relationships. In matters of work this is a good time to go back to the drawing board. What do you want to do? What field of work would make you happy? How can you get yourself to make the change?


This week presents a learning lesson: be mindful of whom you place your trust in. As much as you trust your instincts, sometimes they can be totally off and this is possibly the reason why you find yourself in the current state of funk. This is a time of moving past the unsteady ground and finding your way back to balancing the daily tasks of work, home, and the all-important de-stressors.


Moving from the resolution of your personal matters, this week the focus returns to what matters most to you right now: and that is your work. With the energy you have thus far invested in your projects, expect due recognition to come your way and maybe even an offer you can’t refuse! New exciting opportunities re heading your way now that you have balanced the inner turmoils and are in a position to accept them.


Too often we are told to stay away from the dark, to not talk of things that seem morbid or impure. But to acknowledge the shadows and vices is also a reminder of all that is good both within and in the outside world. While you may choose to continue in the groove of happiness and fun new things, there could be underhanded activities at play around you. Keep both eyes open especially in matters of work, to strike a balance and protect your interests.


We are most often conditioned to seek comfort, to work towards stability and balance. However what comes with a disruption of this is the need to strive for something more, possibly even something better. When we are uncomfortable with where we are is when we are most determined to challenge ourselves so instead of using this as an excuse to run for the hills and vacation, analyse what about your life needs to be brought full circle and let go of. What is waiting for you beyond the horizon of mundaneness and conflicts?


You’re always on the go-go-go and while that’s never a bad thing it can tend to leave you blind to a few things – in this case a few people around you. Because you’re shuffling energy from one thing to the next you might ignore someone who has the potential to connect with you on a new level. Instead of chasing connections sit back and let this person come to you, sparks are bound to fly!


If what follows confrontation is total destruction then you are on the right path. Acknowledging the things that had been weighing you down have now freed you of the bonds tying you down and allow you to explore a new pace of life. This is a time of going back to the basics, find a mentor and understand how to deal with the troubles at work. Working under the watchful eye of someone who wants to help you is a surefire way to nurture yourself back to the top.


Forget ‘what you seek is seeking you’, this week is the energy of drive so if you’re really looking for something to inspire yourself go out and find it! Complacency is the enemy of creativity and productivity, inspiration never comes but is found when you shake things up for yourself. Take this project out of the office, head to the hills and work offline for a few days! You might realise that what others doesn’t work at all for you, and that is the starting point of a new journey of self-actualisation this week.


This week presents an interesting but much needed learning lesson: that one way or another you will find a way out of this. There may be conflicts burning up everything around you but holding on to your inherent optimism is what keeps you afloat. Reach out to the ones you love, if times are tough know that they are always there to help you out of it.


Sometimes as much as you wanna make something work, it just doesn’t. Remember in The Devil Wears Prada everyone says a thousand girls would kill for the job? While your current work and financial situation may seem rosy to others if it is something that does not bring you a sense of fulfilment there is a need to address the issue. Whether by consultation or introspection, find out what would quench your sense of purpose as well as sustain your current lifestyle.


Surprise headed your way this week so make sure to keep your make-up on point! Those in a steady relationship can take this as a green light to take things to the next level giving cause for celebration with the family. An upcoming anniversary could potentially see a big fat family reunion where you’re bound to get much approval for your relationship goals!


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