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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Aries this week is positioned to find a balance where even work may be crazy busy right now, you have the time to switch off and focus on you. There is no compromise here because everything has its time and place – when it’s work you have no problem hustling hard, when it’s time to indulge you’re the life of the party. Another thing this week that needs your attention is self-care, keep a day or two just to be in bed and taking it easy. Prepare a meal from scratch, head over to a spa perhaps.


Taurus comes face to face with a stressor this week, whether this is a place, a person, or a particular situation. The thing is when our anxiety is triggered it’s only natural to want to escape it, move away from what isn’t working out your way. But here the lesson lies in standing ground and standing up for yourself. Tap into your inner fire and be assertive about your view on things, don’t be afraid to lay down the rules.


Gemini this week needs to look up from the work desk, because the vibe is one of working hard and hustling but check yourself: are you working smart? Are your goals in alignment with both short and long term? There’s a high chance you’re getting caught up in the smaller details and losing sight of the big picture, this is a call to make changes in your approach – take more initiative, calculated risks even! New opportunities may soon present themselves to you.


Cancer this week is presented with learning lessons from all sides. Firstly in terms of work, when there is a new opportunity presented, what is your first reaction? Are you resistant towards growth or simply undermining yourself? Don’t be complacent this time. Secondly on the personal front, you may face constant disappointment at the hands of someone and still want to be with them – recognise this for the toxic pattern it is and break it. You have people around you to lift you up.


Leo this week you strike gold as a project reaches the final stages of successful completion. There is a renewal of vision, you know what you want after a period of confusion and aren’t afraid to take the first steps towards making this a reality. There is renewed clarity even on the personal front and you find yourself willing to give love (or the possibility of it) a second chance. Trust that you’re in a position to make everything you dream of a reality.


Virgo is in the peak of power this week as you are delegating work and making sure its effectively executed rather than taking on the whole workload yourself. That isn’t to say you’re working as the dragon of a boss, rather you tap into subtlety and tact while establishing yourself as leader of this ship. On the love front you are surrounded by people who adore you and want to woo you so long as you are open to engaging with potential suitors.


Libra ascends to the fullness of power this week as you begin to see past the smoke and mirrors. The message is clear, Libra: you are the creator of your own magic, there is nobody else that you need to depend on to create opportunities. The source of abundance is within you, reach out and collaborate with the right friends, use your words to overpower any doubts people have of your magic. New loves and lovers appear on the horizon, break out the binoculars.


Scorpio you may feel like you’ve been through the wringer this week, particularly on the emotional front because seldom do you show affection and trust and to have it betrayed no matter how big or small the extent feels like the end of the world. However someone from your past makes a reappearance to remind you of what you had given up or missed out on, not all hope is lost. Even if in terms of friendships you have the hope and resolve to not block everyone out.


Sagittarius is ascending this week with the cards bringing in sparks of new beginnings particularly on the romantic front. But this connection goes deeper in that it’s charged with creativity and spontaneity – are you the new muse of an artiste? For those still hung up there is a breath of fresh air as an old flame is rekindled one that burns bright and blinding. Expect a fair share of struggle on the work front though, don’t fight the rocky waters just go with the flow.


Capricorn toes the line this week between good and bad, nothing overly dramatic though! There is at first the completion of a project that has involved a lot of blood, sweat and tears, okay if not literally, this has definitely been an uphill trek and you’re at the summit now ready to toast to your success. The vibe is celebratory but be careful because not everyone would have the right intentions behind the happy faces. Brush off the haters but don’t lose sight of them!


Aquarius this week comes face to face with bitter disappointment but the question arises – what has led you to this point? This is a time of confrontation not just of the situation but also your personal shortcomings and oversights. When the messages feel blurred and things seem to overwhelm you find comfort in the safety of home. Surround yourself with the positivity of family and friends.


Pisces this week comes into a power of their own, everything you set your sights on hearts on you’re able to manifest and make it your own. This is a time of understanding and acknowledging your power, you’re in a position to create the life you desire and deserve. Entering into this phase is also a reminder that all of the past that plays out in your subconscious, whether it’s fears or exes, this is the time to wipe the slate clean.


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