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5 Healthy Snacks To Stash In Your Desk At Work!

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When you’re sitting at a desk for eight hours straight every day, you need to take care of your body and its needs. We know all about the hunger pangs associated with working. We’re all afflicted by the urge to nibble on some salty snacks while we tap away at our keyboards. Eating something while you work keeps your mind active and gives you energy to keep you going.

But hold on. Work nibbles should definitely be healthy. You don’t want to be eating slabs of milk chocolate or scoops of peanut butter while you work. They’re definitely a big no-no. Starting today, make sure you fill up your desk drawer with the right kind of snacks and not the stuff that will end up giving you a temporary sugar rush with no real health benefits.

To help you out, we’ve listed down the 5 kinds of snacks you should stash in your desk drawer right away.



1. Fruits

Whether it’s an apple or a bright yellow banana, fruits are one of the healthiest snacking options. They give you the right kind of nutrients and also satiate hunger pangs. Tip: Sprinkle a little bit of salt over apples for a snappy taste.



2. Dry Fruits

Keeping a little box filled with almonds/walnuts/raisins and the like in your desk drawer is the smart way to go. Nuts have always been associated with good health, so it’s a great way to stay healthy while you snack. Our editor swears by her daily dose of healthy nuts for a 6 pm snack.


3. Protein Bars

You can always store a couple of protein or energy bars in your desk drawer. If you need a quick snack break, whip one out and munch on it before you get cracking again.


4. Dark Chocolate

Yes, you can grin all you want. Unlike milk or white chocolate, dark chocolate is considered a healthy snack packed with antioxidants that are really good for you. Studies say that it improves your health and lowers the chances of heart disease. But make sure you don’t have an entire slab lying in your drawer. Two or three pieces, wrapped in foil, are good enough.


5. Popcorn

Munch on some unsalted/non-butter popcorn while you stare at a screen that’s not in a movie theatre. A small tub of popcorn does not contain a lot of calories and is a good snack for mid-evening hunger pangs. Meet deadlines with a healthy crunch!

Lest you get carried away and start munching on anything and everything you lay your eyes on, we’ve provided you with another helpful little list of 5 things you most definitely DO NOT need inside your desk!


1Potato Chips

An obviously unhealthy option. Yet, there are several people who tend to munch on bags of deep fried potato chips while they work. A strict no-no, folks!



2. Soda

Soda, or any kind of aerated drink in general, can pump you up with a lot of unwanted calories. Beware of the fizzies!


3. Peanut Butter

I’m one of those who likes to lick a spoonful of peanut butter clean every now and then. But doing it while you’re sitting behind your desk can turn into an unhealthy addiction. So keep these jars far, far away!


4. Cereal

Contrary to popular belief, munching on cold cereal while at work is a very unhealthy option. A bowlful with milk for breakfast is great. But at work, a handful turns into a cupful, in no time at all. It’s bound to make you feel extremely lethargic after a point. So kick that habit and kick it fast!


5. Crackers

Here’s another myth-buster. Crackers do not really give you an energy boost, contrary to what most advertisements seem to say. It does not cure your hunger pangs and may lead to a lot of unhealthy eating later in the day. Avoid!


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