Gabriella Demetriades Warns That Changing Nose, Lips Via Filter Can Be Harmful For Mental Health. She’s Right.

Gabriella Demetriades Warns That Changing Nose, Lips Via Filter Can Be Harmful For Mental Health. She’s Right.

We live in an era where majority of the focus is given to how a person looks as opposed to how a person is. NGL, I have more than once judged a person based on how they look. And I believe that we all at some point are guilty of the same. But what’s even more problematic is the fact that, nowadays, with the help of social media filters, we can change every aspect of our looks. Whether it is the structure of our face, nose, lips or even the colour of our eyes and skin, it can be easily changed to look a certain way. And this raises the question, do Instagram models, celebs, and or content creators have flawless, smooth skin? And if not, how many people who follow them are gullible and fall for it being the truth? And what damage does it do to their mental health and body image? And I’m not the only person to share this opinion. Designer Gabriella Demetriades also echoes the same thought.

Gabriella Demetriades is a model and a designer, and girlfriend to Arjun Rampal. Recently, on her Instagram, she spoke about the deceitful nature of social media. In a series of Instagram stories, she pointed out how filters and angles can change a person’s look completely in pictures.

She even shared a report with her followers that pointed out that most people are choosing to do cosmetic procedures ‘because they hate how they look on camera.’ To further emphasize her point, she posted a picture of herself, where one side had a filter and the other side didn’t. Below this post, she wrote “This is important. With/without filters is so simple but so impactful to people following you, thinking you have perfect skin. Not only that, but changing your nose/lips/face structure via filters also can be harmful to those not in the know.”

In another one of the posts, she shared a selfie of hers in a particular angle, and below it, she wrote, “Also, angles. @danaemercer will show you how simple it is to shave off 10 kgs (there is no harm here) but people should know your body has many shapes in different angles and no one’s perfect from every angle.” She used her own example and pictures to talk about how deceiving Instagram pictures can be.

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To strengthen her argument, Gabriella Demetriades shared a picture that was taken from a lower angle and that was complimenting her body well. And under it, she revealed, “Low angle/pointed foot/stomach in/glute clench. All my best angles or optical illusion” adding a laughing illusion. And to prove what angles do to a picture, she shared another picture of the same day and wrote below it, “Same day – different angles. @danaemercer thank you for sharing what is real online.”

The pictures and stories posted by Gabriella Demetriades are nothing more than truth bombs being dropped at us. Often, while scrolling through the pictures of Instagram celebs, content creators, models, etc., we tend to believe that their skin is actually that flawless and smooth. And it is not just these public figures that are guilty of it, we all at some point have done that. But the reality is that skin in its natural state (without filters) has texture. We are so obsessed with looking flawless that we hide our imperfections to look like everyone else on social media. From the clothes we wear to our body figures, they are also so similar to one another that it really is getting difficult to differentiate.

We need to realize that everyone has a different body and skin type. Everyone has their own set of imperfections that make them unique and stand out from the crowd. We need to learn to accept ourselves for who we are and it is only then can we be our ‘real’ self on social media.

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