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French Woman And A Bihari Tour Guide Get Married In Small Indian Town, Find Well-Wishers From All Over!

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The concept of love has always intrigued me. I guess the subjectivity and the ever-changing nuances of what love is and what it means to someone are what I find interesting and daunting. This paired with my overall love for cheesy romances has always made me swoon over a good real-life love story. Hence I really wanted to talk about this French woman who fell in love with an Indian man from Bihar and got married in India following Hindu traditions. 

A lot of people fell in love with wedding photos of a French woman and a Bihari man after their pictures went viral. Mary Lori Heral a businesswoman from Paris came to India 6 years ago and fell in love with Rakesh, her tour guide from the Katharia village in Begusarai, Bihar. Rakesh was living in Delhi at the time and the two kept in touch even after Mary Lori Heral went back to France. This was when they opened up to each other and confessed their love for one another. Three years passed by before Mary asked Rakesh to move to Paris and start a textile business with her. After working together, they got closer to each other and decided to get married. 

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Ramchandra Sha, Rakesh’s father said that Mary was so enthralled by the Indian culture that she wanted to get married in Bihar itself. After getting their union approved by both families, they got married on Sunday following Hindu traditions. Mary’s family member had flown in from France for the special occasion congratulated the couple, as per reports

Both families met before the ‘Jayamala’ and then danced to Hindi and Bhojpuri songs. Many guests that had flown into Bihar from France also enjoyed the culture and participated in the rituals. Rakesh’s family states that Mary wanted to get married in a small town like Begusarai as she fell in love with the Bihari customs. Moreover, decisions regarding the wedding were taken by both families together. The couple plans to stay back for a week and then return to Paris. Additionally, at the news of a French bride, many villagers were intrigued and came to see Mary. 

Love finds people in unexpected ways. And it clearly did just does that for this couple. Rakesh and Mary looked content in their wedding photos and I wish them a very happy married life!

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