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Grill A Cheese Sandwich With A Clothes Iron & 18 Other Food Hacks You Need To See

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Last week, my parents went out of town, and though my brother and I did a little happy dance, a few hours in, the monstrous question came and hit us in the face — what should we eat?

On normal days, a take-out would be heaven, but since the weather is being a bitch and everyone is falling sick, we had no option but to cook our own meal. And we have some ‘issues’, to put it mildly. Not disclosing them, as Mum is going to be the first one to read this article. *facepalm*

What made those problems go away and make the cooking damn easy were a few hacks. We made a grilled cheese sandwich using an iron and peeled the ginger without making a mess! And though that may sound stupid, we were proud of our achievements and were all set to wear our chef whites.

So, thank you 5-Minute Crafts, and for your amazing video that literally saved us, more than once. Go ahead and watch it, and prepare to be awestruck — because there are some pretty great hacks right here!


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