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No Broken Hearts: These Cake Delivery Services In Delhi Will Mend Every Relationship

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Forgotten mum’s birthday or your first year anniversary with bae? Again? Tsk tsk. Whattay horrible person. Okay no, you’re not. We’re just about to save you (a lot of embarrassment and) a year full of insults.

We’ve zeroed in on cake deliveries in Delhi that will reach your loved ones just in time. So even if Facebook tells you on the very day you’re supposed to be going with that three-tiered truffle cake, you’re not too late in making it happen. The heartfelt birthday message, though, is on you.




This South Delhi bakery’s cakes have never failed us. Ordering from their website can also let you combine that slice of heaven with flowers (yay). Our picks from here — Blueberry Cheesecake for fruit lovers and Chocolate Mudpie for those who can’t get enough of chocolate.

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Angels In My Kitchen_LBB_Hauterfly

Angels in My Kitchen

This one not only covers the Delhi folks, but also sweet monsters in Gurgaon and Noida. Their swanky new website lets you place orders without a fuss and we swear by their brownies. But if you’re a conventional, cake person for special occasions, we’re putting in a very good word for their Belgian Evasion and Red Velvet.

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Cake 24x7_Hauterfly

Cake 24*7

This is for last-minute workers, because when all else fails, they deliver – round the clock. While the quality of cakes might not be as good as the tried-and-tested names, we have to give it to them for being the last resort. If you’re guilty of forgetting bae’s most special day, try their Coffee Cake or Black Forest, because something tells us it’s better to stick to the basics here.

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The Bombaykery_Hauterfly

The Bombaykery

We’ve loved their Tiramisu jar, and the mini macaroons have been our pick-me-up on the dullest of days. While we’re itching to try the Tender Coconut cake, we aren’t sure about how experimental you’d like to be. So, get a box of assorted cupcakes or Belgian Chocolate Mousse, and make someone’s day. Oh, and Seasonal Fruit cake also sounds like a refreshing treat.

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Well technically, they don’t do cakes, but their cinnamon rolls are the best sugar rush you can wish for someone. Order these if you have fond memories of celebrating every shopping spree in the mall with these treats – they come really close to cakes and we think they’ll look damn cute with a tiny candle stuck in them.

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Mystical Bundle_Hauterfly

Mystical Bundle

Their cakes look utterly gorgeous and they do late-night deliveries. Just one look at their offerings and you know your forever person will be really glad to receive them. Count on their Rainbow Cake or the indulgent Tiramisu to send all grudges flying out of the window.

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Daddy’s 60th falling on the hottest day this year? Giani’s rich ice cream cakes will make everything better (the many outlets spread across the city also makes it a convenient option). We’ve learnt this from experience and we’re sharing this crucial info with you. Giani is different from Giani’s, and we’re referring to the latter. They do 2 variants — Gold Temptation and Black Temptation, and our team is divided on the winning choice.

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Pink Box_Hauterfly

Pink Box

We’ve tried this Hauz Khas gem on 2 occasions and been more than satisfied with the results. The good folks customise cakes if you have something fun/naughty/emotional in mind (our bachelorette party came to life with a very sassy-looking dessert) and do screen printing as well. Feel free to coordinate with them on WhatsApp over designs and they’ll give you a clearer idea of the price, based on where in the city you want it delivered.

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Sugarama Patisserie

We’ve found sweet-craving selves at this Shahpur Jat bakery, because their colourful macaroons and whisky pralines call out to us every single time we go shopping to the market. Their offerings are all tried-and-tested and, if we were you, we’d surprise everyone we love with the Chocolate Raspberry Dome, the Ferrero Rocher, or Berries & Cream cake.

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