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Father Beats 10-Year-Old Daughter To Death For Coming Home Late From Navratri. This Is Cruel!

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Being a Gujarati, I’m here to tell you that Navratri is one of my most favourite festivals. In fact, not just mine but for many who are not even Gujaratis. I mean, who doesn’t like dancing on a huge ground with your friends till late at night? And of course, if the vibe is right, then no one checks the time. More often than not in Mumbai, the police have to come and end the night as it is too late and the neighbourhood gets disturbed. The point being, that if you’re out for Navratri, your parents know for a fact that you’re going to be late. However, not many parents are okay with it. This one father from Morena, Madhya Pradesh, beat his 10-year-old daughter to death for coming home late at night from Navratri. This is cruel beyond words!

40-year-old Rakesh Jatav beat his 10-year-old daughter to death with a stick after she arrived home late from a Durga Pandal in Morena. The incident took place late on Sunday night in the Uttampura locality of Morena town. 

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As per the reports, the minor daughter went to visit a Durga pandal with her friends and returned home around 11 pm. And this did not sit well with her father, who then started beating her up with a stick. Even though the girl was rescued by her mother, she had sustained fatal injuries and died on the spot. 

As soon as the Madhya Pradesh police got information on this incident, they were on their way and arrested the man. According to the police, Rakesh Jatav was an alcoholic that used to beat up his wife and child on a regular basis. The police said, “He works as a labourer and is an alcohol addict.” After the autopsy, the police handed over the body of the minor girl to her family members.

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It really is disturbing to know that a minor, a 10-year-old girl lost her life because her father couldn’t control his addiction. If you want to reprimand your child for missing a deadline, you can do it verbally, why hit them to the point of death? And more importantly, why are women time-bound? A woman roaming the streets at any point in time is her choice. Let’s learn to respect it.

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