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What Are The Effects Of Omicron On Pregnant And Lactating Women? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About 3rd Wave Of Covid-19

January 14, 2022 | by Ritu Sanghvi

Ever since the news of Omicron getting around hit the news, I and a lot of others I know have been living in fear. None of us, I’m guessing, wants a repeat of the year 2020. And now with another variant IHU making the rounds the chances of a 3rd wave of Covid-19 doesn’t seem too far away. In fact, the more that I think about it, the more I fear – not just about the people I love, but also for pregnant women and lactating women.

What are the effects of Omicron or the 3rd Covid-19 wave going to be on pregnant women?

Well, the good news is that the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that pregnant women are not at a higher risk of catching SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Having said that, studies have shown that they are at an increased risk of catching a severe case of Covid-19 if they are infected.

And these studies have also shown that there is an increase in the likelihood of preterm birth if a pregnant woman is infected with Covid-19. This has led to many to-be-mothers and parents asking whether pregnant and lactating women should be vaccinated against the virus or not?

So, should pregnant and lactating women be vaccinated against Covid-19?


In simple terms, yes, pregnant and lactating women should be vaccinated against Covid-19 under the guidance of a physician. Medical Director at vHealth by Aetna, Dr. Preeti Goyal says, “As per the various professional bodies like ACOG and WHO, Covid vaccination is allowed and in fact advocated for pregnant and lactating women at any stage of their pregnancy or lactation. It should however be taken under the guidance of a physician, checking for other contraindications and any special needs. Vaccinating the woman, in fact, transfers some benefits to the newborn and is promoted by the Paediatric professional bodies too.”

In fact, it is not just her who supports the vaccination of pregnant and lactating women. As per Hindustan Times, Vidhi Dhingra who is a Senior Clinical Dietitian, also said, “Yes, it is advisable by WHO to go for Covid vaccination if you are pregnant or lactating. Pregnant ladies experience a mix of emotions and adjustments to their life which can get particularly aggravated during Covid-19 restrictions. It is important to take the vaccination to reduce the fear of contracting an infection and relinquish at least one concern off the list, albeit with continued Covid appropriate precautions.”

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Adding further information, Vidhi Dhingra further said that pregnant or lactating women should be mindful of what they are eating and advised them not to eat food that is triggered by their emotions. According to her, the vaccination will help build immunity against Covid-19 in the mother and child but having a balanced diet with small, frequent meals is extremely crucial as it makes sure that the mother and baby are getting all the important nutrients that will be required for their overall health. 

Will the 3rd wave have a significant impact on kids?

Well, Dr. Preet Goyal believes that the third wave of Covid-19 will affect children and adults alike. However, she also stated that children are less likely to develop any serious illness due to covid. The doctor cautioned that necessary precautions should be taken to avoid taking any chances of getting any severe illnesses due to Covid-19. 

I haven’t been a mother nor do I have a child, so I can not imagine what the tension and fear must be like for those going through this. But one thing that I know is that if we all take necessary precautions against Covid-19, then we can try and maybe avoid the 3rd wave altogether. Say safe and healthy, peeps!

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Ritu Sanghvi

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