This Woman From Thane Got Three COVID-19 Vaccines Back To Back Within Minutes. What!?

This Woman From Thane Got Three COVID-19 Vaccines Back To Back Within Minutes. What!?

Last year, when the coronavirus first attacked us, PM Modi graced our TV screens and announced a 21-day lockdown. He also told us that we need to show our medical professionals respect and gratitude for all they’ve done for us. In fact, he demanded that the entire nation bang plates and other utensils together to show our doctors and nurses just how much their work during this pandemic is appreciated. And even though it was probably the most useless assignment, it raised a very valid point. If it weren’t for our medical health professionals, we would’ve lost the war a long time ago. But we need to remember that even they are under tremendous pressure, especially with all the new strains popping up, and hence are bound to make a mistake or two. For instance, a vaccination centre in Thane accidentally administered three COVID vaccines to this woman.

A 28-year-old woman claims that she was jabbed with three shots of the COVID vaccine back to back at a vaccination centre in Anandnagar on Friday. This incident came to light when she narrated the ordeal to her husband who works at the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC). He then alerted the local corporator about this issue.

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Once the local authorities were informed that this woman received three COVID vaccine shots, they kept a check on her health. The woman’s husband said that the woman was not familiar with the process and hence, didn’t realise she had gotten more than one shot. He said, “She had a fever on the day she got back-to-back shots, but it subsided the next morning. She is doing fine now.”

In fact, TMC medical health officer Dr Khushboo Tawre told India Today that a team of doctors had gone to the woman’s house. She seems to be doing perfectly well. Although, a committee has been formed to further investigate the matter.

This is so scary. When we’re getting jabbed it’s essential that we be very, very careful. But I guess all’s well that ends well.

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