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During These Dark Times Of Coronavirus, This Woman Found A Heart-Warming Way To Share The News Of Her Engagement With Her Grandfather

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A wedding is supposed to be one of the most important and happiest days of most people’s life. As the bride and groom vow to be with each other, with their close friends and family as witnesses, it marks the beginning of their new life and it only makes sense that they feel the urge to share that defining moment with people who are close to them. And while on an average day, that would mean inviting everyone to the big celebration, in times of coronavirus it means not letting the celebration turn into a site of contamination and postponing the wedding for a year. But hey, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy what you have in hand, which in this case was the engagement ring!

In the US, a woman got proposed for marriage, and she couldn’t contain her excitement (pun intended), and found a way to share the news with her grandfather despite the COVID-19 lockdown. Nursing student Carly Boyd got engaged over the weekend, and obviously, she was overjoyed. This was the sunny positive news we needed in such grim times, and she wanted to shout about it from the top of rooftops. And in an eventful turn of events, she kind of did. Having shown every one from friends and family the sparkling rock on her finger, Carly just couldn’t share the news with one special person and that was her grandfather.

Living his days at the Premier Living and Rehab Center in Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, Carly’s grandfather was diagnosed with dementia, and as the nursing home functioned on a complete lockdown with no guests allowed during the scare of coronavirus, Boyd got a little creative in getting her message across. Taking the help of the staff at the centre, Boyd managed to get up till the bedroom window of her grandfather and showed him the ring while telling him about her engagement.

Premier Living & Rehab Center Info Page यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, १७ मार्च, २०२०

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She said, “It was very special. I just put my hand on the window, and he put his there too. I just told him I love him, and he said, ‘I love you, too, and I hope to see you soon,’ like really see you.” And honestly, even though we are not remotely related to Carly here, we have too teared up a little on hearing this story.

It is sad enough that countries have been suggesting and taking actions to go on voluntary or government-imposed quarantine lockdowns, limiting all and every social contact, but it’s worse when people have to tell their family good news this way. And when it comes to ailing grandparents to see one granddaughter make all that effort to share the news with her grandfather just gives true love a new meaning, and us the kind of hope we need to keep ourselves going during such times.

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