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Former MP Dr Sasikala Ramaswamy Molested In Public, The Sheer Entitlement Of Men Thinking They Can Get Away Is Sickening!

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Women constantly fear for their safety wherever they go. From sharing their location with their parents or friends to giving the number of the private vehicle they are travelling in, we have to do it all to ensure our safety. Until now, we used to fear for our lives when walking down an empty street at night, but reading about new cases shows that we are not even safe in a crowded place. Creepy men cannot keep their hands to themselves and will grab every opportunity to violate a woman, even in a public space. A video that has gone viral shows the former Member Of Parliament, Dr Sasikala Pushpa Ramaswamy, being inappropriately touched by a man at an event she had attended.

In the video, it can be seen that that man was grabbing Dr Sasikala Pushpa Ramaswamy’s saree and was trying to hold her hand. She immediately sensed his intentions and snatched her saree pallu back. That audacious man, even then, was trying to grab her hand. Further ahead, when she was receiving a bouquet, the man again tried to hold her hand and it was very clear that he was constantly trying to touch Dr Ramaswamy.

Dr Sasikala was visibly uncomfortable in the video. She was trying her best to maintain distance between her and that creepster but given the circumstance, she, too, could not do much about it. What is shocking to see is that man was repeatedly trying to invade her space despite her attempting to stop him.

What this means is that man thought he was entitled to touch her and Dr Sasikala saying ‘no’ meant nothing to him. Plus, if he thought he can touch her like that in such a public place and event, he definitely must have thought he can take it further when lesser people were around. it is disgusting to see that being in front of the camera and in front of so many also did not stop him from doing this.

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This is what women have to go through every day. Especially in public transport and crowded places like these. I hope the man is held accountable for his dirty actions and misbehaviour.

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