Do Celebrities Owe Fans An Explanation After Their Break Ups Or Divorces? We Think Not

Do Celebrities Owe Fans An Explanation After Their Break Ups Or Divorces? We Think Not

Last Saturday, I woke up to the news of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao going their separate ways. Right now, the details of whether a divorce will happen or when, are blurry but it’s likely to follow. For the whole of Saturday and Sunday, the news of their impending divorce trended and at some point, the couple (mainly Aamir) came together to make a video about how they are aware that the news of their breakup had adversely affected fans and that we (looks around suspiciously) should not be worried and that for all practical reasons they were together. Like for their son Azad and their foundation Paani.

Now first of all, I have a question. Who are these people who are perturbed by Aamir and Kiran Rao not being together? I mean,  if this divorce caused you heartbreak, then sure, shoot your shot with Aamir or Kiran but I doubt there was any reason that an impassioned Aamir had to come and soothe fans. Also, if you are truly affected by the divorce, it has to be someone you’re close to and honestly, if you didn’t know about their separation then maybe you should really think about how close you are to them.

That being said, let’s discuss whether celebrities owe their fans an explanation about their divorces. Mostly, we think not. We need to understand the concept of personal life, a life of the celebrity away from the cameras and realise that we do not exert any power or influence in that sphere of their life and that’s how it should be. Besotted fans or patrons do not get to dictate how celebs should love or who they should love and/or divorce.


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In April this year, Kirti Kulhari announced her separation from her husband of 5 years. In later interviews, the actress admitted that the decision to get a divorce or be separated was difficult, but that because the decision to marry was hers, the decision to separate was also hers. And we agree. You may have loved her in Four More Shots Please but that’s not the reason you get to tell her how to live her life. And she owes fans no explanation. She went on several trips, as is evident from her instagram and followed a very Eat. Pray,Love kind of journey, but as fans, we are mute spectators and that’s fine.

Of course, social media plays a huge role in providing feedback to the celebrities. Their fans often leave comments on their latest photographs talking about their divorce or breakup but this can very well be ignored. It mostly doesn’t require the celebrity to come and explain their story.

In 2019, Illeana D’Cruz and her husband Andrew Kneebone went through a divorce but were low key about it. Speculations were rife about an impending breakup when the two unfollowed each other on Instagram but Illeana spoke about it much, much later.

Look, divorce or not, breakup or friends with benefits, celebrities do not need to delve into long explanations into why or how it happened. We are doing just fine.

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