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DIY: Customise Your Umbrella This Season With Fun Prints

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Monsoons mean adding one more accessory to your entourage of things, without which you’re rendered useless once it starts to pour. Of course, we are talking about the trusty umbrella!

Although it is quite a pain in the neck to lug around the entire day, it is an absolute necessity during this wet season.

Umbrellas are easy to find. They are pretty much available at every corner you go. But quirky umbrellas are a little hard to find. Plus they can be really, really expensive!

But why buy when you can DIY! Indian households tend to have a lot of umbrellas lying around — they are ugly, no doubt, but they can come in handy.

So pick up a monotone umbrella, and get your artsy skills on with these easy DIYs.

1. Lyrics & Colour

Draw your favourite lyrics on the top of the umbrella! Outline the words with chalk and paint it in with fabric paints. If you want to add a splash of colour to the rain, then create a rainbow on the inside of the umbrella.


2. Mandala & Origami Print

On a transparent umbrella, draw on your favourite delicate prints with a permanent marker. Create beautiful patterns and fill them in with colour! This is perfect for see-through umbrellas, as the print stands out more.


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